Spring is in the air

Every sight and every…

skankworks garden

skankworks garden

Six weeks from now our Wisteria will bloom, and our baby plum tree is ready to blossom.

Stay tuned!

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Moral Compass

We’ve put together a quick guide for those who have lost their moral compass.

moral sextant

moral sextant

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steam down

The popular online games provider Steam, owned by Valve Software, went offline for several hours today, suspected to be due to a distributed denial of service attack (DDOS).

We’re following the action on Twitter.

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Website of the Year

The skankworks.net is proud to learn that DEP-EOTUS, Duly Elected President-Elect of Those United States, Donald J Trump, has been reported to have named us “Website of the Year” for our subliminal Real News reporting and bizarre self-referential tweets.

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The Poop Revolution Didn’t Go Viral

Which is a good thing.

We have a lot more to say about this, but we can only tweet. There are no posts. The antics of the latest colour-revolution make Brexit look refined. Indescribably degenerate, but we’ll touch upon that in depth and at length in a later post, with pictures too). We are of course referring to the Sorosian “Purple Revolution in the USA”, which to date has been, predictably for the old fellow, more poop than purp.

So follow us on twitter @theSkankworks for all the latest scorn.

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