Twenty Years Ago, On Usenet

It’s been twenty years since we were active on Usenet. The post below was included in the then Best of Usenet archive, since destroyed by google via its ravenous consumption of the toxic dejanews. Back on dem days.

Wherever you are, Eisen, thank you for showing me around your hometown, Chicago. If it hadn’t been for meeting you on Usenet I might never have visited the amazing city you call Home.

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NSA Malware Buyers

As of August 24th there have been 64 transfers of money to the $500,000,000 ransom demand for the allegedly leaked NSA Malware. We list them all here.

Total donated so far: 1.76149345 BTC (~$1,000)

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Webmaster Boomstick

After last Sunday’s attacks, this week we’re taking no chances and getting a bit of practice in with our boomstick.

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No Opportunity Wasted

Only 140 characters. More than enough, and we try not to waste any.

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Sunday Bloody Sunday

Excellent weather today. The swarm of wasps in my computer room, buzzing angrily around me as I type, are desperately trying to get out and enjoy it. I can assure the reader that their anger is as peaceful as the Utopian universal bliss that social justice warriors insist would envelope the planet if we all just did what they tell us to in comparison to my own at this moment.

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