Another Right Women Have Lost to Google

In this case it is the right women have to communicate news of their pregnancy. Google have determined that if a woman wishes to use the Internet she forfiets the right of privacy in-utero.

Case In Point

I was browsing YouTube looking for videos on how to strip down and repair a lathe and I suddenly started getting ads for utterly unrelated new-born baby products. Do they think I am planning on machining a baby? That I am not the kind of engineer that would use the right tool for the job?

Or is there something the wife isn’t telling me?

It was the latter case, not that she would know, and the pest advertisers had got it wrong – as is their wont. Her mother had been staying with us and she uses a certain kind of baby food in one of her recipes. She had searched the Internet to find out which products were available in our area so she would know what to look for in the supermarket.

Google duly noted this activity.

It was compared to their extensive files on our IP address.

No children.
Short-listed for baby product campaigns, new car, job searches, home loans.

So when the mother-in-law did her recipe research she triggered google who immediately informed all of their advertising clients that my wife was pregnant.

What if she had been, and she hadn’t wanted to tell me about it?

She no longer has that right. Google stripped her of it. Her Doctor isn’t allowed to tell anybody the results of her pregnancy test, not even me. But Google may gossip about it to anybody willing to pay. Regardless of whether it ever happened or not.

Consider that next time Google’s PR brags about their alleged support for women’s rights.

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Fakenews Making Idiots of Themselves

Now they’ve got it into their heads that “location services” from Twitter, which can be customized by the end user, are sound enough to constitute proof. Proof, that you’re in the pay of Vladimir Putin, no less. As is happening to users who jokingly pretend to be in Russia, then find their account suspended for it.

Proof enough to get parody accounts banned from Twitter – on this sort of evidence:

Anybody can set their location to anything they want. (So long as it’s a real place. We wanted to put “the fucking Moon” as our location and tweet “Look where we’re tweeting from!”. But that level of customization isn’t supported. Pretending to be anywhere on Earth is supported, as you’ve seen in our “impossible” travel tweet above).

That’s #fakenews. Ignorance playing upon ignorance. They don’t even bother to read the user manual, let alone click to see what that little location button on their tweet does.

Charlatans and liars – who hate parodies sending them up enough to have them banned.

Such as the account formerly known as “Boston Antifa” who similarly customized their own location (a more likely scenario than “accidently switched it on then accidently typed in their password to confirm they wanted it on”).

With Russiagate collapsing around their ears Hillarists have taken to bullying those who parody them.

Boston Antifa are welcome to guest post on the We think they did a splendid job sending up the political zeitgeist in Trump’s America.


The profile page supports free-form locations so we did, briefly, get to tweet from the fucking Moon after all.

Space Antifa, eat your heart out.

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Shepeat, verb

When a woman repeats the same question to the same person over and over
until she gets the answer she wants.

Example usage:

Her: “Do you want something to eat?
Him: “No thank you. I’ve eaten already”
Her: “Do you want something to eat?
Him: “No thanks. Not hungry”
Her: “Do you want something to eat?
Him: “Stop shepeating.”
Her: “Do you want something to eat?
Him: “Yeah, sure. I’m starving”
Her: “Make it yourself. I’m not your slave!

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Flag Sport

Since the urban dictionary now paradoxically requires one to obtain corporate sponsorship before one may submit a definition we will keep ours here from now on.

Flag Sport, noun

A Flag Sport is any sport, professional or amateur, played under the auspices of one or more national flags. This includes both domestic national leagues and international competitions. Considered, particularly in the latter case, to promote nationalism, border walls, and other trans-national social division, the passions invoked by Flag Sports can often be of such intensity that players and spectators have to be physically separated from each other by fences and walls just like the borders represented by the flag(s) the game is being played under. As opposed to local and regional sports where players and spectators alike go for a beer together afterwards to discuss the match.

This is not to be confused with sports that involve use of a flag, such as Flag Football. This definition is thus provided for disambiguation between “Flag Sports”, those played under a flag, and “sport that is played with a flag”. An international competition of Flag Football would fall under both definitions.

Example Usage

Tom: “Do you want to come over and watch the Olympics on TV?
Jerry: “No thanks, I am opposed to Flag Sports

SJW: “What do you mean you want the USA to win the World Cup in Moscow? Flag Sports are literally Hitler!

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Oh what a circus….

Trolling conspirarcy groups on Usenet, back in the days…

Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy.princess-diana
Subject: Oh what a circus….
Date: Tue, 02 Sep 97 13:18:39 GMT
Organization: ALT-F4

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