2015 in Review

A review of the appalling year 2015, as seen by the skankworks.net.

Since the release of Back to the Future II some thirty years previously we had been looking forward to 2015. It was to be the year of hoverboards, black Mayors, Japanese corporate control, 12″ CD-ROMS, automated vending machines, and of course flying cars. We didn’t really get any of that, apart from the automated vending perhaps. Obama doesn’t really count as President and can hardly be described as representative of African America.

What follows is a recap of the stories we reported this year.

The Islamic State in France

In January we covered two terrorism-related stories. The focus of our reports on the Charlie Hebdo attacks were two-fold, the lunatic conpsirary theories that we comment on, and the appalling Merkal-led “We Shall Overcome” peace-march in Paris. Merkal’s year was to turn out a lot worse after such an inauspicious start.

Nous ne Sommes pas Charlies
Charlie says the events in Paris were not a false flag
France Anti-Terror – Cuts to Men’s Beards

Shortly after this we also covered a story from Japan concerning two of their citizens held hostage in the Islamic State and offered for ransom, or they’d get their heads chopped off. An offer that a broad section of the Japanese public found laughable and publicly mocked. Literrally laughing their heads off.

Laughing Their Heads Off, Japanese Photoshop Challenge

We first wrote about the refugee crisis in the Lybian context after wikileaks distributed documents showing that the EU and NATO had worked out a plan: Bomb them out of the water.

Refugee Crisis

At the time these unreported NATO activies began the number of refugees trying to enter the EU had risen ten times above histroical levels due to the NATO destruction of Lybia. It was however a crisis that was about to be even further exacerbated by poticial meddling.

In August Germany’s Merkal and Turkey’s Erdogan worked out a plan to exploit the refugee crisis in order to use it to justify a long desired no-fly-zone and subsequent ground invasion of Syria.

The plan was for Turkey to open its borders to a million or so Syrian refugees living on its territory and for the EU to allow them willy-nilly to enter Europe absent even cursory document checks let alone the kind of stringent control Europeans themselves are subject to when they wish to travel in or out of the Union.

A plan that, by-the-by, relieved Turkey of providing financial support for the refugees it had created, dumping the costs onto European tax-payers. It worked for Poroshenko.

The inevitable results of this plan, chaos, resurgence of the right-wing, and exploitation by extremists, would, the plan went, generate public support for the planned invasion. Which it did, and it might even had been effective had not Russia intervened to block it.

Europe retained the costs. Now having to find ways to house, feed, and employ a million new people, while it cannot even do this for its existing citizens. And they got another, even more deadly, attack on Paris to boot. This second attack didn’t see Merkal linking arms with Netanyahu on the streets, unsurprisingly.

A Word About pzbooks and Molenbeek


We covered the Ashley Madison Hack extensively, acquiring complete copies of all the data released to the public domain.

Dumping Ashley

We also covered the death (by cop) of an Anonymous Activist, James Daniel McIntyre, in Canada.

In our searches of the Dark Net we also came across an interesting document on Hacktivism.

Dark Hacktivism


The Minsk II Agreement, the first in what was to be a year marked by Russian diplomatic success, largely held throughout the year. It bought the strategic town of Debaltsevo out of Kiev’s hands and led to a military debacle there for Kiev.

Boilers, Kettles, and Cauldrons – The Battlefields of Novorossia
Poroshenko Passport Crappy Collage

Rump Ukraine under Kiev control has continued to degenerate into criminality driven in one part by greed and in another by desperation. Crimea has integrated further into Russia – pushed along by emerging terrorist groups in rump Ukraine who seemed to think that cutting the electricity supply to the peninsula was a good idea.


After a decade of futile posturing, the International Atomic Energy Agency finally abandoned its search for Iranian nukes declaring them non-existant and thus ensuring a deal had to be made. Another diplomatic success for Russia.

Iran Deal Links

We leave Russia until last as we can say that 2015 was Russia’s Year. It marked 70 years – a human lifespan – since the end of WWII. A significant occassion in a nation’s history and one which was duly boycotted by Western leaders, at least one of whom (in Poland), tried to deny Soviet involvement in WWII praising Ukraine for the liberation (and forgetting, conveniently, where the camp guards came from).

Featured: Russia. 70 years in 3 Minutes

The Russian President, we assume you know his name by now, also gave the most quotable speech of the year, delivered appropriately to the United Nations General Assembly, in which he asked certain nations if they realise now what they have done, and informed the delegates that the nation he leads can no longer tolerate the state the world is in. They are not the only ones.

The speech was followed up two days later by direct Russian military intervention in Syria and the world held its breath.

Russian Airliner Shot Down?

Not to be outdone EU states joined-in the bombing spree, although confining themselves to “US-led” areas of operation which are mainly over ISIS-controlled eastern Syria and northern Iraq to which Russia may turn a blind-eye. What Russia cannot turn a blind-eye to is Turkey, or rather Erdogan’s, involvement in the war with relations between the two having deteriorated to the edge of open warfare.

Thus we enter 2016 with Russia having largely shrugged off continuing EU-sanctions and asserting itself both diplomatically and militarily in the face of a US that continues to weaken and offers no viable prospect of improvement giving the pitiful line-up of presidential wannabes.


The prospects that NATO will back-down in the face of a Russia triumph, or would abandon or in any way sanction the maverick Erdogan, let alone withdraw from Ukraine, are dim indeed, so further chaos is to be expected in the New Year.

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