Thats how many Euro the EU are doling out in the latest bank bailout, quietly slipped in without any fanfare, let alone analysis.

Five hundred thousand million. Five hundred billion.

There’s no point in expressing the fact that this is our money being stolen from us in order to prop up a bunch of failed businesses. Or that this is just the latest installment in an ongoing bail-out merry-go-round that has been in effect for almost ten years now.

So instead, let us try to conceptualize how much money that is. Such large numbers are beyond the capability of humans to understand in their raw form – try, for example, counting it on your fingers. That’s part of the reason that these crooks that rule over us can get away with it.

We could call it, “€1,000 per person for everybody, man, woman, child, lunatics, and prisoners, in the EU”. Which would be roughly €100 per housedold per week. But it doesn’t involve men with clubs and razor-blades knocking on your door each week to collect, so the pilfering doesn’t get noticed. It also leaves with the only slightly-reduced problem of how to conceptualize five hundred million people.

Also, such a ‘per-person’ analogy is false since the collections, as too the payments, are not evenly distributed – some, many, people will lose everything: Their jobs, savings, homes, and families, while others, most, will experience an almost imperceptible decline in their standard of living. With each new hardship universally blamed on some enemy du jour.

Instead, let us imagine we have a one litre bottle of mineral water. We all are familiar with the size and weight of such a bottle. Now imagine you had five hundred thousand million of them. What would that be enough to fill? A bathtub? An Olympic-sized swimming pool? A lake? A hollowed-out moon? The collective gap between voters’ ears?

We’ll leave it as an exercise. Something to think about to take our minds off just how much we are being shafted by the theives and perverts that govern our lives .

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