A New Pearl Necklace

Forces and Farces for a New American Collapse

Catastrophic and catalyzing events are becoming blasé as the sinking American ship of state drifts rudderless with all guns blazing. The latest war strategy, for example, hastily concocted by the White House and announced mid-week on prime-time TV, seems remarkably similar to the last one:

  1. Arm a non-existent opposition In Syria whose members have already joined ISIS and whose leadership are the subject of viral Internet videos in which they are captured jacking-off to Internet porn in front of hacked laptops.
  2. Accuse Assad of supporting ISIS, including the possibility of his supplying them with of non-existent WMD
  3. Refuse to co-operate with Assad such that any US attack on Syrian territory unnecessarily becomes a grave violation of international law and the “Supreme War Crime”
  4. Then claim Assad’s lack of co-operation requires regime-change in Damascus as pre-requisite for defeating ISIS

This strategy in Afghanistan, then in Iraq, then in Libya, has turned a jihadi cult of some 5,000 mountain barbarians into a 100,000-man fighting unit that can defeat a modern army. But this time it will work. John Kerry says so.

A year ago the “Destroy Damascus” strategy was rudely interrupted by designated evil-doer of the day Vladimir Putin after he intervened and brokered a deal that saw WMD removed from Syria. Enraged, attention was turned to Ukraine, where Russia would be punished. One year on and the farcial NATO summit last week saw delegates fuming non-stop about Russian agression. So angry they were that none of them seem to have noticed that while NATO leaders were quaffing fine wines and threatening the entire world between meals, Putin did what he always does: Got the warring parties together and hammered out a cease-fire and peace plan.

The initial results for Ukraine, besides the disappointing – to NATO – cessation of hostilities, are that Kiev has been told it can forget about joining the EU for “the next five years“, to postpone the Association Agreement until at least 2016, and that NATO is “not ready to accept” Ukraine.

So it’s back to Syria and Iraq for round three.

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