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Bastard Jobseeker From Hell Interviewing On skype

BJFH Goes Looking For Work

You can find millions of interview-tips articles on the Internet that purport to tell you how you can land that ‘dream job’. It is not our intention to use this article to add yet another to the pile, and our attitude to such articles is that they are mostly a waste of time.

The hiring decision is one fundamentally based on whether or not you ‘click’ in the interview, in spite of several decades of the psychologists, sociologists, astrologists, and the neuro-linguistic programmers of HR trying to turn recruitment into something predictable. In vain, as it’s turned out. We humans, it has transpired, are not resources.

Hiring, in essence, is like dating and there simply are no sure-fire ways to success. Although there are plenty of people with snake-oil solutions to sell that will assure you there are. Instead, we’ve sent the Bastard Jobseeker From Hell out to do a bunch of interviews for IT contracts for him to gather his thoughts on how one is to retain one’s humanity when confronted by those junior IT managers and their team-leading captains who think they’ve got what it takes to ask, let alone interpret the answers to, ‘difficult’ interview questions.

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