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Aren’t IT Recruitment Agents the Dumbest F*cks?

It’s a rhetorical question, as anybody who has the misfortune to work with these people will confirm.

The principle purposes of a firm using an IT recruitment agency are to:

– deprive contract IT workers of their employment rights
– shift the wage-bill of IT contract workers into the assets side of the ledger
– evade hiring legislation in order to source the cheapest possible labour
– defer tax liability

Or in short: Save money. At everybody else’s expense.

Hence the recruiters that are hired to deal with the contractors have to be dumb in order that they not understand the precise nature of their role – to rip-off the candidates by seeking out only those who will work for the lowest pay.

Rather than giving direct examples of recruitment agency bad-practice and routine law-breaking (which we prefer to hand over to regulators and local authorities) we present a series of transcribed interviews for IT contracts, and other futile attempts to do business with the IT recruitment agencies of Europe.

These examples, all from the real-world of recruitment, will give you the flavour of what it is like to be interviewed by a person who has no knowledge whatsoever of the skills required to do the jobs they are recruiting for, and who are only dimly aware of their own role in the process.

The indignities, abuse, and contempt that we get from these recruiters drives us away from wanting to work in IT and they wail that they can’t find the staff. Which is their true purpose in the wider scheme of things. Having driven away the skilled local staff they are free to import semi-skilled staff from overseas and pay them peanuts.

Here are the links to the hilarious and breath-takingly incompetent so-called ‘hiring process’ that an IT contractor must endure.

Interview Questions
The Relocation Question
The JIRA Question
The CAPA Question
Senior Engineer Interview Skills

Before and After the Interview
BJFH Goes Looking For Work
Agile Recruitment
Recruitment Agent Meltdown
The Art of Skype
HR Calls Candidate for Interview – Gets a Bollocking
BJFH Turns the Tables – Get’s Fired

Our Quuestions
Our questions reach out to fellow IT contractors. What is your experience of IT contract recruitment in Europe? Do you have any examples you’d like us to publish? Would you like us to name and shame?

We are registered investigative journalists, fully auhtorized to name those whose activities are against the public interest and we will not divulge our sources. Drop us a line at rec-con – @ – or DM us on twitter @theSkankworks.

We look forward to your own stories of thrid-rate recruitment.