the only notes that really count are the ones that come in wads

A One Tweet Affair

One forlorn tweet on it, but as it was on the combined subjects of C-programming and song we decided we wanted to own the hashtag. So we have.

We’re adding the hashtag to our notch-count for the completeness of our ownership.

Click to listen to the song before you read on as its calming influence is intended as a background score for the horrific hashtag we report on next.

Harassed At Work

Something else we know way too much about from our own personal experience so we also felt motivated to own, to a lesser extent, the #HarassedAtWork tag. A deceptively-titled hashtag created by the media in the hopes of a) pumping it up to viralization, and b) getting some juicy sex-scandal-themed personal stories of shock and horror out of it to spook their compulsively ad-clicking readers with.

Until we intervened and, through the sheer force of our will, took ownership.

Thus ensuring the hashtag remained a safe-space for the burgeoning squad of our fellow harassees. Our webmaster took a leadership role, playing it as the outraged disciplinarian if not Hitlerean Big Boss upon his discovery that his human resources department have been hiring an army of gropers onto the firm. Then coming down on them hard for their ungentlemanly conduct and the manner in which they comport themselves.

Thus we gave harassees opportunity to relate their experiences in comfort, absent molostation by drooling preverted click-baiting hack journalists shamefully only in it for the craic and the buck, or the evildoers of HR.

Harassing the harassers, providing tips and techniques for counter-harassment subterfuge, holding the human resources department responsible, and attempting to focus rage on the management, foment plots against them, and sow discord within their ranks.

We then had our out-raged Chariman of the Board call the harassers into his office one by one and give them a stern dressing-down.

Kept him busy all day.