Agile Warfighters

Over at they are inviting the military to come take training courses on “Agile Defense”. They claim that is was the adoption of their agile methods that won the Iraq War.

Even more bizarrely, they claim the USA was the victor.

And, in 2007 Gen. David Petraeus reversed the course of the Iraq war by using small, cross-functional teams to break the back of Al Qaeda in Iraq.”

Patraeus was subsequently convicted for leaking national security secrets to his girlfriend so she could write a for-profit book, and the “broken-backed” AQI is now better known as the Islamic State.

This multi-level disastrous failure of command doesn’t seem to be worth a mention in the Agile world, where, as in the military, the definition of done is flexible enough to be retro-fitted onto any outcome.

You can watch the course online if you want to be bored by some asshole neocon waffling crap for an hour, or skip directly to the print out of your certification in Agile Defense.

Defending America story point, by story point.

Naturally, deleted our comment to this effect.