We got the rest of our new servers delivered, thanks to a little help from our friends.

We installed the first bloody server last week. Named jungfrau she’s already running MySQL and we’ve ported the database over. A simple job with mysqldump and a source load.

The blade center will come in useful. The three blades donated to us (thus far) each have twin four-core XEON cpus, and 8GB RAM each, with a pair of 146GB SAS drives. Each one of which is just crying out to be a DB server. But we’re going to be using this for our software development for now.

In August it’s going to double-up as an air-conditioner, with it’s fans (IBM-speak: blowers) capable of completely exchanging all the air in our building every 90 seconds.

IBM Blade Server E

The old Sun E450 in the background above is decommisioned. Shame, because it was a wunderschöne piece of kit, fully-populated with Sparc CPUs, ram, and SCSI disks that we picked up for 300 Swiss Francs some years ago.

It had previously been owned by a charlatan IT contractor who had been working for UBS bank in Zürich. He failed to properly delete the hard-drives and when we first acquired it we saw that he had been using it to try to crack password files that he had stolen from the bank. So much for their fabled “employee vetting” and “data-leakage prevention”, which are about as effective as a chocolate tea-pot. Hardly surprising for UBS bank, the biggest loss-makers in history, though.

In Our Hands Now

Once it was in our safe hands we removed confidential data that does not belong to us, and we converted it to an MP3 and streaming Video server. It’s reached it’s end-of-life now. We’re looking for a small fridge, kind of thing that you’d have in a camper-van, then we can convert the E450 case into a drinks cabinet.

The blade center will not be running Solaris. We’re installing ubuntu server on the blades. So it’ll be an Ubuntu Blade Runner.


If anyone in the Zürich-Basel region has a 19″ cabinet they’d like to get rid of, DM us at @skankworksAgile and we’ll arrange to take it off your hands.