Kneel before ZOD

Today we’ve had two recruitment agency bosses come crawling apologetically to us due to the unprofessional behaviour of their recruiters. Recruiters who will be very much in their supervisor’s bad-books today.

We acheive these results through the power of the the written word, in the form of a strongly-worded letter sent by email in the first instance that ends with the promise that if action is not taken the email, along with an even more strongly-worded letter will be forwarded by registered post to their clients and/or the agency CEO’s home and office addresses.

In these days of selfies and tweets the art of letter-writing is all but lost. We keep it alive and, we can assure you, having unprofessional recruiters’ bosses kneeling before us is very satisfying and we do not pass the opportunity to rub it in to them. Telling one, “I have more expereince in this business than you do by at least a decade and I am three times better educated than you are. So please, don’t try to mansplain to me“.

Telling the second one, “I’ve listened to your apology, but it seemed a little insincere and ill-thought through. It does not seem to have occured to you that I, as a job-seeker, am unemployed. You, as the head of a recruitment agency, have called me to personally apologize to me for the failure of your business to do its job and find me employment. Do you not see the irony? Have you no shame?

So recruiters, you need to keep your game up – because we are watching you, we are very effective in what we do, and we derive pleasure from humiliating your masters.

For an example of our letter-writing skills, see BJFH Writes A Letter


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