Agile Stories

internet_cloud_smallA Big Cloud of Data
Cloud on the horizon for IT as the latest corporate fads fail to deliver.
muppet_smallThe Microsoft Guy
He’s passionate about the job.
manifeto_smallMore Agile Crap
Our popular article on how childishly simplistic the agile methods really are.

The Agile Chef

stella_smallAgile In Action
Agile in the field, when the method replaces functionality.
pomodoro smallPomodoro, Pomodoro
Mocking the Method: A scrummy agile serving of pomodoro sauce.
mornay_smallSauce Mornay
The Agile Chef storifies the recipe for sauce Mornay.


java_cache_smallJava: Caching In On Performance
Caching strategies for high-performance data capture.
log_smallReal-Time Log Analysis
Apache Log Analysis in Real-Time with Java and MySQL.
avm_pron_logo_smallAshley Madison for DBAs
Optimizing and analysing the leaked database with MySQL.

Agile Testing

testing_smallAgile Testing
Agile testing – why you should avoid it.
toxic_tester_smallThe Toxic Tester
Embedded agile testing and the inevitable conflict it causes.
bugqualification_smallBug Qualification
We’ve got a right scrummaster here, who thinks he knows it all.

Recruitment Agents

Man_dressed_as_a_spiv_smallWhen the Agent Asks
Some of the more common questions IT contractors will get from agents..
Man_dressed_as_a_spiv_small28 Reasons to Avoid IT Agents
The following list cannot be said to apply to all IT recruitment agents.
agentown_smallThe Agents That Own Us
the in-fighting, bitching, and eye-scratching between rival agencies.

Job Interviews

skype_smallBJFH Turns The Tables
The Bastard Jobseeker From Hell is Jack’s complete lack of surprise
skype_smallThe Art of Skype
How to make a bad impression over skype and miss the hiring opportunity
skype_small2BJFH Goes Looking For Work
More interview tips from the The Bastard Jobseeker From Hell.


fallacy_smallThe Fallacy of Big Data
Another day, another fad disrupts IT and gets billions thrown at it.
kanban_smallDevOps – An Old Idea With a New Name
Truth be told the last great innovation in IT was the USB stick.
lean_smallCoach of The Week
Beauty and the Beast, the coaches and scrumasters of not-so-lean Agile.