The Free-Enterprise Scam

One of the interesting things about working independently in IT is the diversity. Not the diversity of people. Corporate office workers are, in spite of superficial skin-deep differences in appearance, remarkably similar in their behaviour and thinking and amongst the dullest least interesting people one will ever meet. In most cases they are their jobs and they will be fired from them should they ever display even a hint of personality.

No, the diversity is in the projects we work on.

Over the last ten years we have worked for investment banks, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, and medical device manufacturing. However in every case these companies are entirely reliant on government spending for their profits.

Unable to pay their own way, without government spending none of the companies we have worked for would have been in business. Their profits derive directly from tax-payer funds whether it be in the form of mandatory purchases of over-priced medicines that do not cure, labour-saving hospital devices that do not work, secret buy-backs of surveillance subsequent to politically-motivated privatizations of essentially unprofitable services, or the unquestionable mass-bailouts of fraudulent investment plans that lose money.

Without their subsidies, mandatory purchases, and bail-outs they would all have been out of business. And we’d all be so much better off for it.