We’re Promoted – To Influencers

That’s correct. Our parent website, skankworks.net, gained it’s thousandth organic follower on Twitter today. One full month ahead of the goal we set ourselves.

Making us bone-fide Internet Influencers!

For 2016, we will be setting similar goals for skankworksAgile as we persue the dream of no-nonsense, from-the-shoulder, brutally-honest thought-leadership. We invite you to join us in our quest – together we are stronger.

Even if we often have to work alone

We’re nice guys, but we’re not afraid to be cruel to be kind. If it’s an ego-boost you’re looking for, there’s plenty of corporate sites willing to sell you that.

We are a full-stack website. You read this from servers in our basement, running Open Source software (along with a fair bit of code we’ve written ourselves, some of which we document on this sub-site).

We have a segmented network with layered-security and defence-in-depth. We optimize the OS (Ubuntu Server), the database (MySql), and the CMS (WordPress). For firewalls, we prefer IPCOP.

Some of our back-end software we write in Java as stand-alone or in a Tomcat container.

Naturally we deploy everything over SSL for our readers’ peace of mind.

We do not share visitors data with google or other data gatherers (although we do use some anonymous bitcoin ads – which are not targetted at you). We protect our users’ right to privacy, and offer the full protection of Swiss Privacy Laws which are among the strongest in the world.

All articles we publish are original work which we research ourselves. We also do all SEO and promotion ourselves, and do not spend a penny on third-party services except where necessary (Connectivity, DNS, and SSL certification). Our hardware consists of scrap PCs that we purchase when they are at “end of life” – we resurrect them with the voodoo of Linux!

The use of the first-person plural is an editorial decision and this entire website, from the CPU to the pagerank represents the work of one person.

A person, who is for hire! Friendly, confidential, knowledgeable, high-quality consultancy over the full-stack. From idea to revenue – if we don’t help, you don’t pay.

We are intelluctually honest, value our professional integrity, and we’re members of the European Press Federation.

We accept bitcoin. 15XmhHshBvj3ANvLKEEnBxdj3gA8Dz35uN


Thanks for reading.