Windows 7 – Lean Agile

Lean and Agile

Our fieldwork experience tells us that Agile methods are very popular with Windows developers.

Why does this not surprise us?

We decided to run some tests on one of our own Windows 7 PCs. It is a standard PC set-up mainly used to browse the web, email, and play games. Which is really all Windows is useful for. It has a 1TB spinning-disk C: drive for the operating system on which we avoid installing applications. As far as it is possible, that is. Most applications we install on the D: drive, a 512GB SSD.

It has been in use for a little over two years.


On the C: drive, which we regularly maintain with CCleaner, we found 517,008 files and 349,847 directories.

Our presumption is that the majority of these files and directories are garbage. Left behind clogging up the system because the programs that created them were written by people infected with the Agile disease.

This tells them that all they have to do is get the program installed and their job is done.

“Cleaning up after ourselves” is not a story you will ever find in an Agile backlog.

It has zero story points attached to it.

Meanwhile, the only viable method to clean up this mess is to wipe the hard drive and reinstall.