Another Right Women Have Lost to Google

In this case it is the right women have to communicate news of their pregnancy. Google have determined that if a woman wishes to use the Internet she forfiets the right of privacy in-utero.

Case In Point

I was browsing YouTube looking for videos on how to strip down and repair a lathe and I suddenly started getting ads for utterly unrelated new-born baby products. Do they think I am planning on machining a baby? That I am not the kind of engineer that would use the right tool for the job?

Or is there something the wife, with whom I share an internet connection, isn’t telling me?

It was the latter case, not that she would know, and the pest advertisers had got it wrong – as is their wont. Her mother had been staying with us and she uses a certain kind of baby food in one of her recipes. She had searched the Internet to find out which products were available in our area so she would know what to look for in the supermarket.

Google duly noted this activity.

It was compared to their extensive files on our IP address.

No children.
Short-listed for baby product campaigns, new car, job searches, home loans.

So when the mother-in-law did her recipe research she triggered google who immediately informed all of their advertising clients that my wife was pregnant.

What if she had been, and she hadn’t wanted to tell me about it?

She no longer has that right. Google stripped her of it. Her Doctor isn’t allowed to tell anybody the results of her pregnancy test, not even me. But Google may gossip about it to anybody willing to pay. Regardless of whether it ever happened or not.

Consider that next time Google’s PR brags about their alleged support for women’s rights.

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