Around the Tradesmen’s

A collection of dangerous and unpleasant entrances to places of work hidden from the prying eyes of clients.

Unknown Engineering Corp

This one isn’t an entrance, it’s an exit. An emergency exit no less.

exit small

An emergency exit one floor up:

exit large

There’s a ditch behind those bushes, but at least you don’t have to jump out of the window if the building catches fire. The trick is not to be the first one out, that way you’ll have something soft to land on.

Prestigious Bank

Tradesmen's Entrance to Prestigious Bank

The polythene doesn’t keep the rain off, but it does a good job of concentrating it directly over the door.

Time to repair: 6 months

Big Pharma

This cracked glass directly above the entrance was being weighed down with snow, but the company, who reported profits of billions of dollars, did respond – by putting a piece of sticky tape over the crack.

Cracked Glass Over Entrance

Reassuring, as you can see here:
Sagging Glass

Here’s the snow weighing it down. It was like every day you could see the crack growing longer.

Snow Crack

Time to repair: 2 months

Does your employer subject you to such entrances? Let the know and we will post the evidence here.

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