Ashley Madison In Numbers

Random insights represented as numbers. A growing list that will build over time as we develop ever more complex mining queries for deep-diving the data, or as new stories break. We will tweet new entries periodically, so if you’re following us you don’t need to bookmark.

578,000,000 dollar class-action suit taken out by angry customers
24,039,705 validated user email addresses
20,815,595 distinct validated user email addresses
10,385,477 unique profile captions
7,413,425 new members since the hack
4,426,875 smokers
1,572,254 credits owned by users
974,571 unique credit-card holder email addresses
700,000 estimated cash value of user credit balance in USD
500,000 Canadian Dollars reward money
196,382 work phone numbers were leaked by users
196,368 CEO emails leaked
185,948 former users who paid to have their accounts ‘deleted’ prior to the hack
163,553 profile captions have the word ‘married’ in them
39,330 have the word ‘dick’
26,156 have the word ‘honest’
20,049 mentions of the word ‘money’ in Biderman’s emails
18,469 users had credit in their account
6,838 swingers cheated not on but with their spouses
5,750 bbws
5,750 men open to bbw plus five-thousand seven-hundred and fifty
4,708 businessmen
2,426 massage therapists
2,052 wealthiest user credit balance
1,311 self-identified bored housewives
1,000 fake Twitter accounts operated by Ashley Madison
933 Cleveland Steamers (don’t ask)
858 members, or their husbands, are ‘away on business’
734 Obamas
364 fake female accounts operated by one industrious business-woman in Canada who just happens to have a real-life background in online sales and marketing and who lives near to the corporate HQ.
303 users who chose ‘trust’ as a keyword
115 medical doctors
109 openly-bald men
56 Elvis Presleys
29 Donald Trumps
20 users want a partner to do cocaine with
14 Dead Kennedys
9 days before the world’s media realised that there are hardly any women on commercial dating sites and they’re just sausage-fests
6 members believed in Karma prior to the leak

and finally…
1 troll who claims to be a member of ISIS named Adolf Hitler.

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