Assange Busted

We appear to be to first to have broken the news of his imminent, how does one say it, kidnap.

Fair play to the guys running that Ruptly feed. They have been there for the last seven days recording everything. When the critical moment came their live feed to the Internet was cut, presumably at the cell-tower level.

Unfazed they carried on filming, dodged the cop that was trying to keep cameramen away during the crisis, and they got the money-shot of Assange being carried out of the Embassy and bundled into a meat wagon.

The scoop went to RT (who provided the platform). The irony of the UK press being banned from covering Assange’s arrest and then having to buy in video of it from the Russians is not lost on us. But it probably is on them.

Our favourite personal cap of the week is the prophetic one we grabbed six days ago, emphasising the nature of the PSYOP that has been taking place as the NATO leaders torture and kidnap a journalist in plain view.