Best Military Fighting Songs

The March of the Grenadiers – Great Britain

Possibly the greatest of all battle songs. Not just meant to inspire, it’s main purpose was to scare the shit out of the enemy. A secondary purpose was that the drums drowned out the screams of the front ranks as they got shot, stabbed, and whatever. Watch Stanley Kubrick’s “Barry Lyndon” to see it in action.

Der Königgrätzer Marsch – Imperial Germany

The Germans are a nation of musicians and have an exemplary record in the composition of great music. Their record on the battlefield does not do their composers justice, as this tune demonstrates. Nowadays incorrectly known as the “NAZI Book-Burning Song” thanks to ill-educated Hollywood audiences, it pre-dates that era by around a century. It was played on the parade ground, when it should have been played in battle for best results.

Am Arsch Der Welt – The Third Reich

The NAZI-era music wasn’t so good, but this one is nonetheless worth a mention. Not for it’s musical qualities, more in the way that it expresses with such clarity the philosophy of the regime that marched to it: “In the Arse of the World”. The SS Kreigslied-Fuhrer’s intense shouting, paradoxically makes it worth listening to. The accompaniament on Panzer engines is typical of the regime’s style.

Anchor’s Aweigh – USA

Probably one of the most heard military tunes of the modern era – because it’s American. The anthem of the US Navy. The US marines, one of the world’s largest land armies, is part of the US Navy. Their song exalts “freedom and democracy”, hence the media’s adoration. We say like, fuck the marines, but it’s still nonetheless a good tune.

Katyusha – Russia/USSR

A war-fighter’s favourite. Unlike Lili Marlene this one isn’t just singing about the girl at home one is fighting for, it is sychronising its beat with the fighting. Loving comes later, after the battle is won. Katyusha is best played on the Stalin Organ:


Irish Punk Scum Opposing War

These guys in contrast only want to get drunk, play guiter, and maybe fool around with girls. This is what happens when you don’t have conscription:

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