Bin Laden’s Letters

Without going into Seymour Hersh‘s detailed report, we shall briefly mention the official response.

Firstly, we must acknowledge that official responses don’t get delivered by Washington anymore. They are filtered through the plausible deniability of compliant corporate media and attributed to “anonymous officials”. The mainstream media, in its almost endearing cluelessness and with ceaselessly grovelling servility, quotes their own anonymous sources by way of proof that Hersh’s article should be tossed in the trash because Hersh “relies on anonymous sources”.

Confused? Well if you didn’t pay any attention to the mainstream media you probably wouldn’t be.

With such idiotic “rebuttals” flying around, which are barely above the level of a die-hard 911-Inside Jobber, the White House has been forced to intervene by releasing a trove of documents allegedly found in Bin Laden’s compound-cum-jailhouse.

These documents, laughably described as “a bookshelf”, consist mainly of material downloaded from the Internet. It doesn’t say if these were conciously downloaded to a seperate directory purposefully to keep a local copy of them for to read offline, or if they were simply cherry-picked from the browser cache on his seized laptop.

Our money is on the latter.

Then there’s the personal letters they found. Very interesting material in his personal letters, you might think. Except, these are letters that bin laden had hand-written and were allegedly found in bin laden’s place of residence.

So he never sent them.

At best, they are drafts. But there is no way of knowing, short of siezing the personal archives of the addressees.

Mr Hersh gave us ten thousand carefully edited words alleging Obama’s administration are incompetent liars, whereas all the aforementioned administration can come up with in defence of itself is a list of webpages that bin laden browsed and copies of some letters he may or may not have sent.

Hersh may have a point.

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