Block Policy

Just a note on our Twitter block policy as reference material for blockers and blockees.


You blocked us. Maybe we offend you. It might have been unintended or we may have meant to. Depends on context and your own behaviour. We recognise your right to block us and will not try to get around it, with the following caveats:

After you have blocked, take us out of mentions. If you mention us we still see your tweets in pop-up alerts if we are online when you make them, which we most likely will be. This is not what you intended so take us out of the mentions as well please.

If you continue to diss us or pose questions to us publicly after blocking us it us our right to use whatever lawful means we have at our disposal to respond to you in kind, and in the manner of our own choosing. Although normally we won’t bother.

We reserve the right to screenshot your block, the events leading to it, and tweet them.


We rarely block. If we do it will have been for one of the following reasons (exceptional cases notwithstanding):

We hit the wrong button

You were violating the EULA including but not limited to: Spam, unsolicited automated DMs, offering to sell followers, and doxxing (double-x, important)

One of your followers was being a dick, so we blocked you instead as a psyop (this’ll be a temporary block and we’ll inform the user of what we are doing). If you wish to have followers you have to take a lead which means being responsible and winnowing out or changing the behaviour of the dicks among them.


Currently only one person on Watchlist B at the moment.


The final rule is that what happens on Twitter stays on Twitter. The only exception is when you use your own website to expand on a topic, then webmaster rules apply.

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