Captain Kirk

Life Mocks Art

No. They are not.

kirk ship enterprise

Why not just name it USS Enterprise and be done with it? Here’s the lad himself: CAPT James A. Kirk.

A Kirk, then. Not T Kirk. Must be like his grand-dad, or maybe his grand-son fell through a time hole. idk. smh.


The link to Kirk’s bio has changed. We have learned that on 20th December 2016 Capt Kirk was relieved of his command as Capt Tait beamed aboard.

€urovision 2016

Meanwhile over in Europe, art mocks life – or rather the taking of it. The grand-daughter of an SS man wins a nationalist European song contest (Austrialia came second, go figure) with a song lamenting how the Soviet Union drove NAZIs off their land during World War II.

Along with her inevitable recording contract and media hype, her goverment, the facist Junta in Kiev, can host the 2017 show. Which they’ve chosen to do in Russia, and have asked NATO to intervene to secure the concert hall. Not quite ABBA’s “Waterloo”, more a Charge of the Light Brigade, but this is how things are now. How they’ve always been.

Beam me up, Scotty. Quick as you like, mac.


Fortunately, Valentina Lisitsa is here to provide some sane counter-point to the madness described above.

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