U.S. Central Command Social-Media Hacked

us central comman hacked by isis

The skankworks.net was amongst the first to raise the alert, and we followed the brief hack on Twitter in real-time. During the 15 minutes or so before the account was suspended, the CENTCOM account gained more than 3k new followers, mainly there to watch the show. Doubtless the three thousand included a few alert members of the corporate media, but most of those drunkards, still high on their “we are proper charlies” delirium, missed it and didn’t start reporting it as “Breaking news” until it was over.

Here’s our first tweet for the record.

Although our tweet remains, the image it linked to was one of those leaked and has since been removed from Twitter. Presumably at the CENTCOM account owner’s request. We have generated the tweet above directly from the Twitter API in order to authenticate it’s timestamp and we cannot remove the broken link.


The CENTCOM YouTube account was hacked at the same time. As far as we can gather only a single unsecured CENTCOM PC was compromised from which official Twitter and YouTube postings are made. We have an awful feeling that they used the same password for both Twitter and YouTube accounts which the intruder was able to gain. Once they had the password, the hackers were free to change it, lock out the account owners, and make their own postings from anywhere in the world. If it is the case that they were using the same passwords for sensitive accounts, then Obama had better take that planned cyber security speech he was going to eloquently deliver and toss it in the trash. Which will taste better than having to eat it later.

In fact, he should toss it in the garbage anyway. Something in US cybersecurity clearly stinks. Maybe he could take a tip from his Ukrainian protege and have the head of cybersecurity fired and tossed into the garbage can alongside the speech. The whitehouse.com could post some urgent vacancies for security professionals, which would make next month’s non-farm payrolls look a little bit more respectable than so many minimum-wage waitresses and bartenders. He’d have to hope – as he is wont to do – that the new security hires don’t all defect to Moscow with even more of his secrets, of course.


No big secrets were leaked from CENTCOM, and it seems only America’s face has been damaged – reason enough I guess to blame it on the Chinese and therefore North Korea. After all, a bunch of liver-eating jihadis couldn’t possibly induce a Pentagon web-warrior to browse an isis honey-pot web-site and get infected with a phone-home keylogger, now could they.

A couple of zip files were uploaded to anonymous sites by the hackers, containing documents that had allegedly been taken from mobile phones in the vicinity of the hacked PC. A laptop with bluetooth perhaps, or perhaps the phone was connected by USB. Or perhaps the files were simply prepared aforehand from public sources. Nothing really confidential was among the files; internal contact details, a bunch of budgetery waffle about how they are going to spend their billions, weapons brochures (which are kind of like porn-mags for the military).

In the second file there’s some out-dated wargaming, zillions of proposals for new pipeline routes, and a whole bunch of ludicrously over-designed power-point science-fiction fantasies for generals about how, in the future, America is going to like win every war gloriously and reign supreme for ever and ever and there will be lots and lots of medals for everyone and stuff.


Russia’s RT.com arrived just in the nick of time to get a screen-shot, but the BBC was late as ever and missed it. We beat RT by a thousand followers, and a couple of hacked tweets – so you’d have heard it from the skankworks.net first, and with no advertising to boot!

skankworks.net reports centcom hack before russia today


Here’s a sample slide from the wargaming collection: Taiwan declares independence from China during 2008 Beijing Olympics triggering war with China.

centcom the china scenario - 2010

Maybe Taiwan turned the offer down, so CENTCOM went with Georgia instead. Then tried it with Ukraine during Sochi. Will these guys ever come up with a new idea?

Wargames 2020

During the Tokyo Olympics Sakhalin declares indepedence from Russia and cecede to Japan. Siberians rise up and torch the Kremlin. As Putin flees, B-52s rain carpet bombs over Shanghai, New Dehli, and St. Ives, Cornwall.

centcom isis hack leaked conversation

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