Cheated by EU

They thought they were getting EU citizenship, instead the EU stole their votes.

EU Citizens

That’s what it says on the passports: EU Citizen. Although there’s no such thing as ‘EU Citizen’. The EU is not Soveriegn. It cannot confer citizenship. Only the member states can do that, and each of them have their own sovereign rules that are outside of EU treaties.

The ideals laid out in the Maastricht Treaty in 1992 were worthy ones, but it left citizenship in the hands of the member states.

Blue Monday

This is what EU workers in the UK are finding out over on the Twitter hashtag #blEUmonday. We haven’t linked to it because it’s horrible. It’s a bunch of people who have been tricked by the EU into thinking they could just go live anywhere they want, and are now finding out the sad truth is that they can’t. At least, not under EU rules they can’t.

As EU ‘citizens’ the Blue Mondayers have excerised their right to move to the UK. Some as many as 20 years ago, and some more recently. Some are protesting that they weren’t allowed to vote in the referendum, although why they think they should have been we don’t know. Paying tax does not, after all, make one a citizen.

If they want to do that they have to apply for citizenship and that’s not something the EU could ever provide them with – no matter how much it tried to mislead them that it can.

Workplace Protest

They are today holding a ‘Workplace Protest’ against Brexit.

The stated point of the ‘Workplace Protest’ is that ‘not all migrants are scroungers’. Neither a particularly magnanimous nor noble position to take.

Then there’s the Orwellian ‘Workplace Protest’ name. Excluding as it does the millions of unemployed in the EU who do not enter into their thoughts. Their bosses, benefiting from the cheap labour and tax advantages of so-called ‘free-movement’, appear to condone the ‘protest’. Unsurprisingly, since it consists of little more than a bunch of selfies taken with Sorosean T-shirts hastily made in China over the weekend and shipped express.

Future in Doubt

We can understand how these working Europeans feel. A vote that they couldn’t participate in has thrown their future into doubt. With all the other crises around us that’s the last thing anybody needs.

It happened to me. More than ten years ago. I moved to Belgium in 1999 because I wanted to be part of the Eurozone and Schengen. Spent five or six years thinking everything was fine. Then there was a domestic incident caused by some celebrity tax dodger who had been exploiting EU free-movement by opening bank accounts in different countries to hide his income. Which he bragged about to the press.

Tax-raising powers have nothing to do with the EU, and there was a rule change enacted by the Belgium parliament. I couldn’t vote in Belgium and had no say in their tax laws, one of the risks I accepted when I moved there. One of the side-effects of this rule change was that employers in my sector quit Belgium and relocated to Prague and Dublin to avoid tax.

That’s when I found out what ‘free movement’ really means. When jobs are scarce are local employers really going to hire foriegners when there’s local people out of work as well? Under-funded local authorities who can’t find jobs for the locals told me there’s not enough jobs and the best thing for me to do is ‘go home’. They weren’t being racists. They were being realists.

So I had to sell my home, rent a room, and live off my savings until I could find work elsewhere and then “freely move” again. That was the second time for me. This year it will be the third. I have already lived in four European countries and worked in four more. Yet the country I am citizen of, the UK, wouldn’t let me vote in the referendum either.

So who are these blEUmonday guys to complain that they can’t vote in the UK? Someone special? Temporary foriegn workers can’t vote in any country, and that’s the only status the EU’s lauded ‘free movement’ confers. The only election they may participate in the UK is the Euro election, for their MEP. Who has just been made effectively redundant by the brexit vote.

Welcome in the EU, suckers. That’s what they should write on the internal borders. Free-movement yes, when employers have vacancies to fill, but there’s no right to stay. So you could be moved on to another country as an economic migrant your whole life.

The free-movement policy is to ensure that employers have the largest pot of employees to chose from. All the better to keep pay down. The EU support that aspect of it wholeheartedly. Support for freely-moving workers when the jobs dry up is something that the EU has more or less left to each member state to decide for themselves. Six-months unemployment benefit, that’s your lot.


It hurts to be cheated on by somebody, or something, that you loved, and that’s what they are disovering now.

There’s no point complaining that you couldn’t vote in the referendum, because the EU never gave you that right. It doesn’t exist.

If you move to another country and want to vote in its polls you need to apply for citizenship of that country, which the EU cannot give.

The EU told them they were citizens, they turned out to be migrant workers who can’t even vote.

Thus, we see a whole bunch more people with no idea where they will be in five years time, not even which country they will be living in, and only just disocvering that the EU dumped them in this mess in the name of cheap labour, not love.

They are discovering that nobody has broken any laws but somehow they don’t get to participate anymore. Nobody consulted them. Nobody cares about their future. They are finding out that they are supposed to move along quietly now please, don’t make a fuss.

Welcome to the club. There’s millions of us in Europe who have been experience that for years. If not decades. Our plight and peril was ignored by ‘living the dream’ working free-movers. We were told it was all our own faults. Some of us tried to warn them their turn would come. Now it has, and they are looking the surplus labour scrap-heap in the face.

Welcome to the club, and there is no point blaming it all on bone-headed racists.

Common Rules

As is often the case the common rules of the EU turn out in practice to be a Union of 28 each going their own way and pretending that they are not to keep the voters on board. The end result is unending crises in the economy, daily rioting on the streets, uncontrolled mass movements of entire populations, the over-turning of referenda across the continent, and bombs spitting out of the external borders in all directions.

Where have we seen that before?

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