Christmas Conspiracy

Conspiracy theories about someting that may or may not have happened in the past are generally not worth the pixels they are projected with. After a while they all end up sounding the same, almost to the extent that the avid reader finds him or herself being asked to ponder if van der Lubbers burned down JFK in order to cover up the moon landings.

But when one finds a conspiracy predicting an imminent pre-arranged theatre of violence, it might be worth bookmarking. Particularly if one comes across it just before the holiday season. Or perhaps for no other reason than to subsequently write-off the author as yet another Internet kook and blacklist his url.

The one we’ve found predicts a US-engineered nuclear false-flag in Donbas, for christmas. Without further ado, here’s the link:

Nuclear False Flag

Unclear or nuclear? Only time will tell.

Meanwhile in Switzerland, most of the population have recently been issued with taxpayer-funded potassium iodide pills – and you know what they are taken for.

Have a happy nuclear holiday. Ho Ho Ho.

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