Colour Revolution Recap

A brief recap of neo-con colour revolutions since 2003 and how they all descended into chaos that has killed millions and displaced tens of millions more.

Rose, Georgia, 2003
Regime changed. Country broke up, lost two of it’s territories, went to war with a friendly neighbour, after which the pathetic necktie-chomping usurper president was thrown out of office and has since fled the country, is wanted for corruption, and will be arrested if he ever returns.

Orange, Ukraine, 2004
After the intiial success of changing the regime in Kiev, voters kicked out the drunkard usurper president that America had installed, choosing instead to re-elect the one that had previously been regime-changed. In 2014 a second more violent regime-change was launched that broke up Ukraine and led directly to civil war. Which we assume to be the point of a colour revolution because, as you will see, that is how they usually turn out.

Cedar, Lebanon, 2005
Fake from the start. This was no “revolution”, it was a normal election in Lebanon in which Hezb’allah did well. The reason they were not declared the “winners” of the election is because the modern Lebanese constitution is designed to prevent one party or faction from dominating all branches of government. Since the fake “Cedar Revolution”, in which the USA informed us that Hezb’allah had been rejected, the same Hezb’allah has recorded decisive military victories against invading Israeli land forces and Al-Nusra Front in Syria. They are the de facto, if not de jure Lebanese defense force and possibly the most effective and respected in the entire region.

Purple, Iraq 2005
Shouldn’t even be mentioned. How can a “revolution” take place during a foriegn occupation? It doesn’t even make sense to call this a revolution, but wikipedia includes it so we list it here with no further comment on how it worked out. Suffice to say you will not be planning your holidays in Ramadi this year or next.

Tulip, Kyrgyzstan, 2005
Violent disaster that never went anywhere apart from driving Kyrgyzstan back into Russia’s sphere of influence, the exact opposite of what the organisers intended.

Jeans, Belarus, 2006
Intended to overthrow the same guy who is still president almost a decade later who has not broken up the country or got into any wars with his neighbours.

Saffron, Myanmar, 2007
Nothing. An attempt to find some territory to hand over to the aging and fraudulent Dalai Lama for him to procure cheap labour for his various trinket, kitsch, and souvenir manufacturing concerns and nothing more. Having failed, the Lama characteristically off-shored the manufacturing of his “Boycott the Beijing Olympics” memorabilia to, where else, China. Not that the Chinese cared, and the kind of people who buy anti-China memorabilia from the Dalai Lama are hardly likely to look at the labels to see where it was made are they?

Green, Iran, 2009
An attempt to disrupt an election that saw Ahmadinejad re-elected with a large majority. Middle-classes were encourged to riot and it provided a nice opportunity for talentless self-publicists such as U2’s Boner to jump on the bandwagon. This one put westerners at risk directly. It was briefly known as “the twitter revolution” and marked the first major use of Twitter as a real-time reporting tool. Westerners thought it so important to keep up-to-date with what Boner was saying about events in Tehran that they kept their mobile phones running during their flights, even though they knew they were putting their own aircraft at risk. Then again, how many sophisticated western consumers would want to go to their grave without knowing what Boner just said?

Jasmine, Tunisia, 2010
This one isn’t actually a colour revolution. It’s a genuine grass-roots revolution, the only one that was genuine, that the regime-changers jumped upon and claimed as their own.

Anti-Green, Libya, 2011
This can be counted as a partial success. The old regime was otherthrown, it’s leader having a bayonet shoved up his ass, but no new regime was availble to replace the old one. This was possibly an oversight, given who was in charge of the operation. So the country was left leaderless and awash with weapons and terror groups who were given a (non-)green light to do whatever they please. After that Libya broke up, has two governments that control nothing, not even their own MPs, and has descended into such chaotic factional infighting that they have hardly got around to going to war with their neighbours. To make up for it, the post-revolution chaos has spilled over into Mali, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt’s Sinai, and Syria. So it’s mission accomplished. A US ambassdor got murdered as a result, which is a shame because the terrorists that murdered him were members of the same terrorist group that he had gone there to arm. But these thing happen. A small price to pay that we’re sure the secretary of state will consider to be a price “worth paying”. It is, after all, rather cheap to pay for things with other people’s lives. Another benefit of the Libyan regime-removal, as opposed to regime-change, is that it opened the floodgates for millions of migrants and refugees to enter and destabalize an already ailing European Union.

Lotus, Eygpt, 2011
The military dictator was overthrown and replaced with another military dictator who has had more people executed in his first year of office than the previous dictator did in his thirty. Country is on the verge of breaking up with Sinai pretty much lost to ISIS already, but there’s no chance Egypt will ever go to war with it’s Hebrew neighbour because the IDF would wipe the floor with the “glorious Egyptian Army” and have the Star of David flying over Tahrir Square within 48 hours of battle commencing.

Jasmine, China, 2011
Obviously some kind of mix-up has occured with Jasmine being used twice. This sort of thing is bound to happen when you throw hundreds of billions or dollars into hare-brained schemes designed to break up countries and send them to war with their neighbours. Sometimes you get duplication of effort, sometimes you mix up plans. This plan, which involved replacing the legitmate government of China with an unemployed former flower salesman from Dar Es Salam due to a misunderstanding during a garbled telephone call with George Soros, failed.

Next In Line
The next region slated for similar regime changes is of course the EU. If one has paid careful attention to US policy documents, such as the foundational “Rebuilding America’s Defences”, you will have observed that the EU has always been its target. Unable to state this publically it is worded as “any state or region” that may challenge US dominance.

The original “7 countries in 7 years” plan has gone for a burton, with three of those countries successfully resisting US attempts to overthrow them, the other four in chaos, two of them already turning to Russia for help.

The plan to first dominate the Middle East, surround and break up Russia and China, then turn on Europe didn’t work out.

The US are being thrown out of the middle east, soon to face the ultimate humilation of post-war Iraq inviting Russian and Iranian forces in. Once again the exact opposite of what the Iraq invasion was supposed to achieve. Meanwhile China has successfully completed it’s most recent Five-Year Plan and has become the worlds largest economy (second, third, or fourth largest if you read the biased and false reports of the MSM, but then again if you do you’re not going to be reading this website).

That leaves Europe, and with many friends in Europe only too willing to help, the US are already inculcating the looming conflict.

Back to the Future II

The aforementioned PNAC document concluded that after successful domination of the middle east US forces would go “back to the future in South East Asia”. Which explains Obama’s “pivot to China”, even though the document was written in the 1990s when Obama was still a pot-smoking college-boy shirt-lifter. Not that there can be many people left who actually believe the US president is responsible for US policies.

The back to the future II reference here is taken from the PNAC policy document. We’ve upgraded it to version II since the idea of the US containing China is now moot. The best they can do is engage in misplaced schadenfreud in the MSM because China’s economic growth just dropped to 6.9%, a level that the West hasn’t seen since the rebuilding that took place after WWII.

And there’s the answer. Destroy Europe, then recapitalise Wall Street banks by building it up again. It worked well last time and is about the only option the USA has left if it is to avoid it’s own economic collapse and grass-roots revolution, the colour of which will almost certainly be black.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.

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