Crimea River

Crimea River

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Russia Today - Map Showing Places Where Russian Flag Raised in Ukraine

Despite the offensive Nuland Call or the Pierre Omidyar revelations about just who was funding the neo-nazi putsch in Kiev, Putin is predictably held personally responsible for everything that has happened in Ukraine. He has been accused, thus far, of being everything from the latest model New Hitler, to sending in undercover biker gangs. About the only thing he hasn’t been accused of – thus far – is handing out Viagra.

You just don’t in the 21st century by invading another country on completely trumped up pre-text.‘ — John Kerry, learning how Colin Powell must have felt.

It’s an odd kind of “invasion” when the “invading” troops have already been stationed in the area for the past twenty years, not to mention the absence of shots being fired, cruise missiles, or even a drone-strike that so many US-led non-invasions have enured us to. You’d think the Russians would have the courtesy to fire a few shots in the air, or send a couple of flares up or something.

Theirs Not to Reason Why

The twittering class are predictably spending their weekend dutifully engaging in an almost Oympian two-minute-hate against Russia. Last week it was a fictional homophobe they were hating, the week before that it was tobacco smoke. They were as silent as lambs when Lybia, Iraq, or a half-dozen other places were being raped. They had nothing to say about Serbian – let alone Yugoslavian – territorial integrity. But now, right on cue and prompted by filter bubbles created to provide ad-supported news specially tailored just for them, they have found their voice and become experts on Russian foriegn policy. Calling for peace once again by mis-quoting John Lennon on the one hand and demanding NATO charge for the guns on the other.

Plaintive online cries for NATO to intervene are, however, no more likely to be successful than calling on the EU to provide funds. Military credibility and cash reserves are in short supply in the West after their recent blunders in the Middle East and desperate corporate bail-outs. Russia meanwhile appears to be able to provide both, has offered cash and hasn’t fired a shot, in spite of the media-fuelled manure that claims otherwise.

Maybe if the West hadn’t wasted trillions on their own invasions of the Middle East, hadn’t given away further trillions to prop up their corrupt banks and failing faith-based economies, hadn’t thrown billions more to every group extremist or otherwise that might conceivably be used to further their aims, then the West might have been in a position to offer some real help. Instead of stirring up a hornet’s nest.

Theirs Not to Make Reply

Ask what they think NATO could actually achieve and you won’t get an answer. It seems NATO just has to be there, wave its magic wand (sometimes referred to as “a big stick”) and everything will be okay. The “Russian Invasion” they are wailing and gnashing their photo-shopped teeth over hasn’t even happened. If truth could ever be known it’s more likely that Russia and the Crimeans prevented an invasion using the resources they already had to hand, but facts need never deter one from doing whatever is necessary to get likes on social media. Even cheering on Nazis, if that’s what’s trending today.

What is really important isn’t Ukraine or the threat of global confrontation. It’s the illusion of popularity, the sharing of all that’s new at the swipe of incessently wagging fingers. Iraq, Lybia, Afghanistan, it’s like none of these places even exist and if you suggest that the chaps from Pravy Sektor or Svoboda were planning their own armed incursion into the Crimea and were thwarted, you’ll be a trolling tin-foil hatter.

Emboldened by this dotcom and state-department funded one-sided dominance of social media’s characteristic message, the leaders of the February coup have been suggesting Ukraine could build their own nuclear weapons in six months, and calling on Doku Umarov to come to their aid with car-bombs and Black Widows. Does any rational person think that Russia would permit a nuclear-armed state allied with neo-nazis and Al Qaeda to fester on their borders?

Theirs But to Do and Die

Does this regime in Kiev even have control of their own military? Not the Ukrainian Navy it seems, whose leadership resigned en-masse after the coup and the flagship of which has already defected to Russia and set sail for Sevastopol. The Ukrainian land forces, on the other hand, are very well trained in fighting facists but probably not so well prepared, let alone motivated, to offer any resistance to their former comrades-in-arms.

Ukrainian Navy Chief Resigns. Again.

The worst case scenario will be Ukraine split between Russian and NATO occupations. While the twitering classes are trying to draw parallels between Crimea and the Sudetenland, the proper comparision would be with the division of Poland, as in some kind of half-assed Kerry-Lavrov Pact emerging to divide Ukraine between themselves. Which seems to be what we will get. Russia will regain it’s historical regions, and NATO will plant bases, complete with missile defence and all, in what’s left of Ukraine, and all will go quiet for another couple of years. Not much in it for the EU, but you know what they say about the EU.

If the EU doesn’t like the idea of NATO and Russian armies having a nuclear face-off over the Donetsk, they should remember what Ms Nuland had to say about them shouldn’t they? The EU would have been wise to consider what their so-called allies were drawing them into. Russia and the USA can never go to war with each other, and both know it. This spat is between the two of them over access to EU markets. Ukraine is caught in the middle and their internal protests – a rejection of democracy and literally playing with fire – has opened a can of worms of far more significance than the immediate economic future or territorial integrity of Ukraine.

The EU should have made a deal with Russia and the Ukraine that suited all three as soon as they heard what the American diplomats were saying behind their backs. You know, Fuck the USA for a change.

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