Dancing Israelis

Dancing Israelis on 911?

The destruction of the twin towers in New York on September the 11th is widely believed by conspiracy researchers to have been the work of Israel’s intelligence service The Mossad aka Shin Bet). What is less well known is that Mossad have also conducted many similar attacks, most of which are on a smaller scale to the devastation in NYC and thus do not generate the same kind of mass-media appeal.

Recently a grainy internet video has surfaced which captures one such attack from the inside. According to the official version this attack (date unknown) was carried out by a muslim extremist posing as a dancer who threw herself around the central service column and blew herself up, bringing the building down and killing an unknown number of innocent Americans. Use the quick links to jump to detailed evidence that exposes how the government is hiding the truth. Confront the 1% by reading this page.

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Full video of attack on building and subsequent collapse (viewer discretion advised).

As with the Sept 11th attacks we see in this video a number of Israelis dancing and appearing to celebrate as the building comes down – proof of their involvement. In this article we will look closer at the video using standard truth-techniques, after which we will only be able to arrive at one conclusion: There is an international Hebrew conspiracy to enslave mankind. Analysis of the video will establish this conclusion beyond doubt.

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Offical Version

The commission that investigated this attack claims that the sole cause of the structural collapse was due to the central column being taken down by the alleged suicider, who died in the attack. Once the column was removed the structure is supposed to have “pancaked into its own footprint“. This conclusion is immediately suspicious because there are no other examples of similar buildings that have ever collapsed in the same way, and the collapse itself defies the laws of physics.

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Muslim Origin

According to the offical version, the “woman’s muslim identity is revealed just five seconds before she destroys the building when she cries out the jihadi slogan “Allahu Akbar”“. This claim would place the words at the 40 second mark in the video. Although the woman does appear to cry out something at that time, she is not speaking in Arabic. According to witnesses who were at Girl with tits hanging out of her muslim dress the scene, and quoted live on television at the time, what the woman actually says at the 40 second mark is, “look out, there are bombs in the building“. Strangely, none of these witnesses have ever come forward again and not one of them was asked to give evidence to the investigation.

Further the woman is not wearing a veil, is drinking alcohol, showing cleavage, and appears to be unchaperoned – all of which suggests she cannot be a muslim.

Why did the 911 Commission not examine the revealing photograph above? Where is the suicide-vest?

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Evidence of Explosives

Although the woman in red does at first sight seem to be responsible for the building’s collapse, the video shows clear evidence of a controlled demolition. Multiple explosions can be seen throughout the video, for example here:

Controlled Demolition - Bomb going off behind mystery man in white For clarity we have zoomed in on the area behind the rather talented guitarist’s left-shoulder and highlighted in green what appears to be an explosion. In the extreme right of the picture the yellow-and-black central service column can be seen still standing. The zoomed-in image on the left is an enhanced close up of the explosion. Within seconds of this bomb going off, the music stops and the building collapses.

Bomb Close-up The highly-respected A&E for 911 Truth organisation have analyzed this evidence using the newly-discovered forensic colour-composition techniques developed by Professor Steven Jones.

The colour signature, according to A&E, could only have come from the detonation of Super Nano Thermatate (SNT), a demolitions-industry explosive developed by Israeli-owned firm Gilead Demolitions Inc. According to a brochure downloadable from the company’s website:

      "SNT has been developed to protect demolition personel's
       hearing by exploding silently thus limiting our clients' 
       liability to hearing-damage lawsuits. [...] SNT is 
       manufactured with the environment in mind using green 
       technologies and is the only explosive currently available 
       to the demolition industry that leaves no traces 
       behind to pollute the environment" 
        (original emphasis)

The official report into the disaster concludes the exact opposite and defies logic. According to the report, “no traces of any explosives were found“. This is exactly what would be expected if SNT was used and it defies common sense to conclude that something was not present just because no traces were left behind.

Non-Euclidian Collapse

The official report on this attack states that gravity was the only factor bringing the building down after the “terrorist” took out the central service column. We can show that if this is true it would have required the building to collapse leaving a non-Euclidian pattern of debris which requires faster-than-light travel. If we ignore most of the collapse footage and focus our attention only on that part of the sequence between 48 and 50 seconds into the video we can easily see that two seconds is not enough time for the collapse to occur and thus the official report is lies.

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Incomplete List

The guest-list for the wedding does not include the name of the woman in red. Common sense tells us that people who are not invited do not get allowed in, otherwise why would there have been a guest-list in the first place? The official line on this is that the woman was a “gatecrasher” who hijacked the party using an assumed name possibly backed-up with false identity papers. This is supported by the commission’s ludicrous claim that her passport was found intact amongst the wreckage.

A freedom of information request asking the US government to release all information they have on the security company contracted to protect the site turned up the following document:

Secret Memo

Memo obtained under Freedom of Information Act

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The collapse does not occur until 46 seconds into the video. In the moments before this we see off-camera several employees of an Israeli communications company receiving text messages on their mobile phones after which they get up and leave. It is too much of a coincidence that even a single person would spontaneously leave a building seconds before it is demolished, and for several dozen to do so can only be explained by foreknowledge.

Why would these Israelis have been pulled out of the building just before the demolition charges were fired if they hadn’t been working for The Mossad?

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Larry Silverstein’s Confession

Sometime after the attack took place the property’s owner, Mr Laurie “Larry” Silverstein, a developer of Hebrew properties in Israel’s West Bank, asked to come on television. During his appearance he issued the following prepared statement:

I did it. It was all down to me. The property itself was full of asbestos which would have cost money to repair, so I had the chief of the fire brigade call me up and I ordered him to pull it down and hide the evidence, and he gave that order to pull and the wife and I watched it blow up”.(our emphasis).

The word “pull” is not used in normal conversations and according to the makers of viral video “911 – Loose Change”, “pull” is a technical term only ever used by demolition professionals. The Truth Movement believe that the use of this word was a Freudian Slip by Mr Silverstein indicating possible involvement in, or prior knowledge of, the “attack”.

Pull defined in dictionary

Pull - A technical term only used by demolition professionals

Some deniers have claimed that “pull” can also be used in the context of ordering employees to leave a building, but we know of no such instances of such a usage and a google search does not record a single example of the word “pull” ever being used on the Internet.

Google search showing Pull not found

Google search showing Pull not found

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A New Pearl Harbour?

The Project For A New American Century (PNAC) published a chilling document on September 11th 1999 in which they gave a highly-detailed account of how false-flag attacks such as the one above are to be carried out. Although this document was pulled from the Internet after its discovery by conspiracy researchers, we can exclusively reveal here for the first time the original un-redacted hand-written draft:

Original draft for PNAC Plan

Project For a New American Century - Original Draft Version

[exclusive to skankworks.net – click image to enlarge]

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Strippers for 911 Truth

A group of former and current professional pole dancers have claimed that the woman in red simply did not have the ability to dance and could never have pulled off such a complicated “tail-up, nose-down” maneuver while turning through 330 degrees as the official version claims. “It takes years of training to be able to perform that move, and frankly, this lady was no pole dancer“, said a SF911T spokes-lady speaking on condition of anonymity. This was further substantiated by wing-nut radio host and strip club veteran Alex Jones who adds, “I spend almost all of my free time in such establishments“.

Strippers for 911 Truth - Logo

The Stripper’s for 911 Truth logo above depicts the correct way to attempt the step that the red woman is accused of trying. Here we see the girl with her left knee already raised and about to raise her right leg away from the floor and over her head, simultaneously thrusting her naked hips suggestively forwards and upwards, while pulling backwards on the pole. She uses her left hand around the pole to control the speed of her descent, while her free right arm will be used to induce the 330 degree turn that allows her to tastefully expose herself to the entire audience. Compare this graceful and controlled technique to the bumbling efforts of the red lady.

The pole in this diagram is replaced by a poignant portrayal of the North Tower of the WTC representing the symbolic phallus around which the nice lady performs her dance.

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Pyroclastic Flow

Although video evidence of a pyroclastic flow is suspiciously absent we can infer that there must have been one from the burns on the lady in white’s face clearly visible after 1;25 seconds.

Victim with third-degree burns

Victim with third-degree burns caused by pyroclastic outflow

According to a former dentist and expert on beam weapons in San Francisco, CA, the kind of burns shown are of a nature typical of those caused by pyroclastic flows and could have “no other possible explanation“. Who pulled the evidence of pyroclastic flow from this video, and why would they have done so had it not been to cover-up a controlled demolition?

Attacker Still Alive

As the dust clears from the debris pile which has suspiciously fallen into its own footprint, we can see the lady in red pulling herself to her feet amongst the survivors – evidently still very much alive.


There is an international Hebrew conspiracy to enslave mankind.

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