Downtime at the Skankworks

— 28/Feb/2013
The was offline intermittently between Friday 22nd and Thursday 28th of February 2013 due to unforeseen recabling and the removal of asbestos from the data centre. It has been reported that after the site was restored to service Thursday, the copy of Microsoft Windows 7 running on the administrator’s PC “went berserk” and refused to allow the admin access to his or her own website. The site itself runs on reliable Linux servers and thus the admin issue did not affect external users and as since also been resolved.

A new post – slagging off drone-like corporate office workers and their bloodsucking bosses – has been added to commemorate the restoration of service.

Blind Pulling


— 11/July/2013 Six Hours Downtime
The ISP decided assumed I would upgrade to their new modem and arbitrarily decommissioned our existing modem, breaking the connection to our services. It took six hours to get it reprovisioned largely because the first-line helpdesk staff supposedly supporting cable-modems do not have the slightest idea what the DOCSIS protocol is and why they do not need to send an engineer out. Finally, after several escalations, the ticket found it’s way to third-line support where those who know what they are doing simply changed my account back to the old modem, and the problem was solved.

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