Dylann Roof is a Neo-Nazi

The following pictures were taken from the archive posted to now defunct lastrhodesian.com. We believe Mr Storm Roof owns the copyright to these images and we are reproducing them without his permission, and claiming copyright for them ourselves since we are the first to publish them.

Essentially, this website does not seek permission for anything from a nazi.

How do we know he is a nazi?

Two of the images feature the numbers 14 & 88 which have special significance for Neo-Nazis. See our page on the wolfsangel for more info. There is also the circled-cross of “white power” and further a “crooked cross”, a swastika substitute, that he also used as a favicon for the webpage.

We were quick enough to mirror the entire Roof archive – such that it is – before the site was taken offline (by Russian authorities, incidentally. Roof had hosted his site on a server in Russia in a vain attempt to evade US authorities).

We’re publishing these pictures here for posterity so the world can see that the man is a neo-nazi. The mass media are more interested in the side-show of the Confederate Flag. Mass media will typically avoid the nazi element, lest it be compared with what they actively encourage and defend overseas.

As the comparision of Roof and his fellow-believers in Kiev demonstrates, he is anything but a “troubled loner”.

dylann roof with neo nazi symbols

dylann roof draws 1488 in sand

Pictures are from Dylann Roof’s archive (with the inset from EuroMaidan added by us and taken from stock footage).

On the assumption that Roof posted these pictures, you can decide for yourselves if you think it is really him in them, then he also posted the racist manifesto that went with them. Our understanding is that he posted the pictures and the manifesto to the website while he was on the run. Writing the text while in hiding, and uploading whatever pictures he happened to have on his phone at the time. As opposed to any kind of deranged pre-prepared “press release”.

The site went unnoticed for several days, until search engines had indexed the site. On June 20th 2015 the Internet Archive first crawled the site at 13:44 CET, and it gained prominent attention soon afterwards, the web-servers collapsing under the load and the site taken offline a few hours later.

We will note only two things from his manifesto. His mis-placed quotation from the movie “American History X”, and his tacit admission that he lacked the courage to “go into the ghetto” where he may well have risked return fire, and instead chose to kill people in a church where he could be reasonably confident they would be unarmed. The typical cowardice of true nazi tradition.

View our Dylann Roof Tweets page for more pictures from Storm Roof’s lastrhodesian.com archive (including an obligatory selfie taken in the toilet).

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