English Bonehead Takes Welsh Flag to Nationalist March

The English Defence League, flying Welsh flags.

The protest, if such a minor manifestation may be described as such, was allegedly prompted after the local skinheads’ favourite pub was demolished to make way for a new Mosque.

The two-hundred or less marchers gathered in the former pub’s car park to hear a monotonous speech from an ex-military racist. “During the war”, the old soldier began, his words largely drowned out by the sound of two hundred tins of warm beer being opened by the crowd, “there used to be a right good pub ‘ere. Now it’s a bloody mosque!”

After the speech the marchers returned to their coaches which they plan to smash up in a motorway service station later this evening.

A gruntsman for the EDL tried to tell reporters what their demands were, and they were eventually written down:

EDL list of demands

1) All muslims to be immediately deported to country of origin, including those born in UK
2) UK Mosques to be converted into fish and chip shops, pubs, and betting shops
3) Football Season to be extended to 52 weeks
4) Dole cheques to be sent weekly
5) Introduction of price controls on Stella at no more than 99p per can.
6) Pubs to stay open
7) NFSE to be written into legislation during the current session of parliament

Follow these guys to keep up to date with what we at the skankworks.net like to think of as England’s rolling Urine Maidan:

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