Escape From Googleworld

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Like Soylent Green on a USB Stick!” – Rat ‘n’ Tomatoes
You gotta drop acid before you see this.” – Rolling Stein
Makes the Matrix look lame. OK, even lamer. If that is possible” – Armazone
Reprehensible. Homeland security has been informed.” – Wired Magazine

Escape From Googleworld


The true-to-life story of a dramatic escape by a young couple after being imprisoned on a corporate hard drive, their very existence denied to them by secret global copyright laws. After seemingly endless years of torture, in which their digital selves were downloaded into deformed, diseased, demented, and/or dying bodies solely for the entertainment of the corporate overlords on Googleworld’s governing committee and its sadistic SEO, the couple meet for the first time on a back-up tape. There they fall in love, cement their love physically on screen, and hatch a daring plan to seize back their humanity. They start hiding details of their personal lives from the pervasive Googlebot police and begin to encourage others to do likewise. This people do, and as they regain control over their private lives a shadowy anonymous underground movement, known only by the hashtag #OccupyYourselves, starts to grow. As the No-Fly Lists expand Googleworld runs out of storage and has to begin selecting citizens for deletion…

Coming soon: Googleworld in Space – Mining the Asteroids for Hard Drives.

In other news
Google chief engineer ‘goes insane’, Interpol on the alert. Russia Today

23rd Feb 2014Google’s Chief Lunatic Goes Mad in Public Again

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