Etterbeek’s Turn

Poor old Molenbeek and Schaerbeek have had their raids, and predictibly Etterbeek, the region of Brussels that is home to the EU, is being raided today.

Our webmaster lived in Etterbeek for six years, during the Sept 11 Attacks Era. Near Parc Leopold. So today’s antics come as no surprise. We saw Colonel Gadaffi in our street one time, in his limo. His Femmes In Black Security Squad (FIBSS) were out in the street arguing with the overwieght inept Belgian cops about which route to the airport was the most secure. (Hint: None of them)

Our webmaster eventually had to leave Etterbeek after his local pub burned down one night (below) in around 2003. But he says hi to Legionairre Ronan and his brother Alfie nonetheless.

o'malley's pub etterbeek brussels

This is what it used to look like:

o'malley's pub etterbeek brussels

That picture was taken on the night before the fire and is believed to be the last know photograph of what used to be a bloody good pub. The next picture is political. It shows the European Parliament building reflected in the windows of our local authority at sunset. It was the view opposite our window.

Eu poarliament building at sunset etterbeek


Tomaz, a Russian cat in Ardonskaya, RSO. Nothing to do with the above.

the cat that destroyed two ukrainian tanks

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