Europe 2020

Historic Day in Europe

Presidents Trump, Putin, and Corbyn meet in Liberated Brussels

EC President signs unconditional surrender

Europe Freed

Timeline To Victory

June 2016

Britain votes to leave EU. Prime Minister resigns. Just as the nation expects the leader of the Labour opposition to file a motion of no confidence and bring down the Conservative government he falls himself victim to a no confidence vote tabled by his own party instead. Government survive confidence vote by default.

UK press urges that Corbyn be assassinated.

dan hodges calls for jeremy corbyn's assassination

August 2016
France experiences worst rioting in recent history after police open fire on labour protestors in Paris. Curfews imposed in many French cities.

Sept 2016
Greece unilaterally suspends EU membership after breakdown of Fourth Bailout Talks. IMF refuse to release funds until further austerity measures, sale of remaining state assets, are implemented.

Hollande uses emergency anti-terror laws to annul charges of embezzlement against Christine Legarde.

Oct 2016

Hollande resigns after rioting in Calais leaves dozens of police and security dead.

Hillary Clinton formally charged with espionage.

Nov 2016

Donald Trump elected President of the United States in landslide victory.

Dec 2016

Wave of Christmas Bombings across Europe and North America. ISIS claim responsibility. Boris Johnson calls General Election in UK after losing no-confidence vote. Chilcot Report published.

Labour revoke Jeremy Corbyn’s Party Membership retroactively, have his name striken from the records, and declare him persona nonn gratia on party property.

Jan 2017

President Trump sworn in. In his first act as President, Trump issues executive order withdrawing the USA from NAFTA, TIPP, TAP, and TATP. Mexico lodges formal complaint with WTO.

Feb 2017

Mexican President meets Trump in White House and withdraws complaint saying Mexico “can work with this President”.

First leaks in UK Royal Family Child Abuse Scandal appear on Internet from unknown source.

Spanish government refuses to accept overwhelming independence vote in Catulyuna.

Marine Le Pen sworn in. Submits Article 50 in Strasbourg. EC refuse to accept French submission in Strasbourg. Tells French to file it in the Brussels office due to cut-backs.

Mar 2017

Prince Andrew found dead in Buckingham Palace.

Terrorist attack on Eurovision Song Contest. Azov Battalion claims responsibility.

ECB reissues €500 bank notes.

Apr 2017

Five days of rioting erupt across the UK after child abuse videos featuring Prince Andrew and other senior members of the Royal Family are posted on the Internet. Queen Elizabeth collapses and is taken to hospital.

Thousands die in Greece from water shortages after German utility cuts supplies.

May 2017

Ukrainian nationalists detonate dirty bomb at Moscow Victory Parade. Hundreds killed. Large parts of Moscow evacuated.

Doctors declare British Queen in persistant vegative state. PM Boris Johnson accused of exploiting Queen’s ill health after claiming lack of royal assent as justification to indefinately postpone general elections.

June 2017

EC President launches legal action against UK over whereabouts of missing Article 50 submission.

Jeremy Corbyn signs symbolic agreement with Scots, Irish, and Welsh leaders calling for Federal Status for UK. Corbyn named first acting president with a mandate to explore the future direction of a possible united nation outside of Europe. Initiative dismissed by Downing St as barmy.

Explosions in Bucharest kill hundreds.

ECB issues €1,000 bank notes.

July 2017

The last and largest of the Royal Family Child Abuse leaks occurs. Many of the involved Lords and MPs flee to Canadian and European cities. Rioters set fire to Houses of Parliament. Dozens of MPs killed. Boris Johnson goes missing, presumed dead.

Labour Shortage Relief Act passes in US Congress. President Trump orders immediate release of all non-violent prisoners in the USA. Corrections Corporations LLC files for Chapter 11 bancruptcy on the same day.

Pentagon denies that US Missile Defence systems were at risk in last month’s Romanian disaster.

Le Pen signs Article 50 agreement with EC. French Parliament meet in emergency session to ratify. Workers call off general strike.

Raqqa and Mosul liberated simultaneously in co-ordinated Iraq-Syria action involving local forces. Uprising in Benghazi. Mobs destroy ISIS camps. Hundreds of terrorists killed in the rioting.

Tony Blair is found guilty of waging aggressive war and is found dead in his cell a few hours later. Coroner records verdict of suicide.

August 2017

Lloyd Blankfein arrested in New York by FBI. SEC siezes all global assets of Goldman Sachs.

Ukraine government collapses. Savchenko gives emotional speech in Lugansk calling for reconciliation. Receives backing from all seperatist leaders.

Internet videos appear from little-known Balinese OSINT group proving Romanian Disaster was caused by missile defence software bug. President Trump fires secretary of defence, offers Romania all assistance possible.

First €10,000 notes go into circulation.

Sept 2017

President Trump survives assassination attempt. Wall Street suffers worst fall in history, losing over 90% in value.

Catalyuna closes border with Spain, appeals to EU for help. EU rebuffs Catalan requests, gives Madrid free hand to solve crisis.

Savchenko killed by Pravy Sektor assassin. Lviv Region declares independence. EC announces that Lviv Respublika asscession talks to start immediately. Fighting spills over into southern Poland.

Oct 2017

Government in Madrid collapses. Basque Country declares independence. Catalyuna submits symbolic Article 50 Request to Leave to EU. Spanish King appoints military Junta to head transitional national unity government. Figthing breaks out almost immediately.

Corbyn sets-up emergency HQ in Winchester. 120 remaining British MPs, untainted by recent scandals, unanimously back Corbyn and call for calm.

Nov 2017

Spain suspended from EU due to civil war. Portugal leaves EU and takes Brazil’s place in BRICS.

Corbyn forms All-UK Citizens Commission. Expects constitutional reform proposals within six months.

UK signs trade agreement with USA. Banking shares fall heavily after UK-USA governments launch joint legal action to recover bailout money and back taxes.

United States and Mexico sign historic free movement of people agreement in attempt to ease the burgeoning labour shortage, the hallmark of Trump’s first year in Office. Canada’s new right wing adminstration lodges formal complaint.

Pound Coin sold in London for €25,000.

Dec 2017

EU rejects Corbyn’s Article 50 submission claiming it doesn’t have the proper stamps.

Spanish conflict ends. Catalyuna takes Spanish seat at EU. Basque recognised as independent state. Generallissimo Juan Mikalos signs friendship agreement between Rump Spain and Portugal, joins PRICS as observer.

Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Hungary announce EU referenda.

Trump signs American Forces Reduction Act, citing continuing labour shortage crisis in America.

Jan 2018

First meeting between presidents Trump and Putin results in mutual security agreement, trade pact. Acting President Corbyn lifts UK sanctions on Russia, EU extends.

Jury returns guilty verdict on all Clinton charges.

Feb 2018

United States and UK issue joint recognition of Crimea as part of Russia. Vladimir Putin re-elected as President with increased majority.

Corbyn signs historic agreement with China and India as UK becomes strategic partner in New Silk Road. India’s President Modi says the shared language and culture makes the UK it’s natural Western partner. Chinese president says Britain’s profound knowledge of the sea lanes and waters of the world are of incalculable value to the project.

Le Pen siezes EU real-estate in Strasbourg.

Mar 2018

Ethnic Russians attacked across the Baltics in Night of Terror. Hundreds killed. President Trump urges Putin to act to stop bloodshed, offers to re-allocate several battalions of nearby US troops as aid.

EU calls UNSC emergency meeting to stop joint US-Russia peacekeeping mission but is rebuffed. Suspends military cooperation with NATO.

Australia elects first Muslim Prime Minister.

Canada’s PM annouces completion of Southern Border Fence. Work begins on Alaskan Section.

Apr 2018

Hillary Clinton narrowly avoids the death penalty. Sentanced to total asset siezure and 785,000 years in prison without possibility of parole.

Turkey joins EU. Erdogan re-elected with 100% of the vote.

Trump signs executive order overturning Citizens United.

May 2018

President Trump survives assassination attempt.

Underaged teen livestreams sex session with Italian Prime Minister.

Acting President Corbyn announces referendum on Constitutional Commission proposals.

Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange get married in New York. Edward Snowden best man.

Jun 2018

Underaged Italian teen, who cannot be named for legal reasons, arrested for distributing obscene material. PM intervenes saying if a crime was committed the perpretrator should to go to prison for a very long time and, to ensure a fair trial, orders a media blackout.

US Congress passes Campaign Finance (Emergency Labour Shortage Worker Inducements) Bill. Shortly afterwards a group of 500 unemployed Canadian workers, the largest yet, successfully cut their way through the border fence and make it to safety in a President Trump New American Worker Reception centre.

UK Supreme Court rule that switching off the Queen’s life support would be breach of Treason Act.

Jul 2018

Hottest summer on record causes severe droughts across Europe and USA. Crops lost.

Multiple videos of Italian Prime Minister’s beheading by a group of unknown masked women go viral on Internet. Underaged teen expresses relief after charges against him are dropped.

Belarus warns Poland after border incursion during Polish-Lviv conflict. EU accuses President Luchashenko of being a Kremlin stooge, says will continue to back all pro-EU sides in Carpathian Conflict.

UN General Assembly votes to censure EU after Brussels appoints Wolfgang Schauble as Prime Minister of Italy.

England win the world cup in Moscow, beating Germany 7 – 0.

Texas expelled from the USA.

Constitutional Reform Referendum conducted in UK. Scotland, Wales, and England form Federal Socialist Republic of Britain. Northern Ireland requests unification with Eire.

Jeremy Corbyn announces his candidacy in upcoming Presidential Elections.
corbyn for president campaign poster

Aug 2018

Jeremy Corbyn wins landslide victory over Britain First’s Tommy Robinson. Inaugurated as first British president in front of huge crowds outside the newly reopened Parliament building.

crowds at jeremy corbyn's inauguration as first President of FSR Great Britain

Hands-Across-The-Ocean Trade Act signed by President Trump. UK Parliament ratifies and is signed into law immediately by President Corbyn.

Simultaneous terrorist attacks occur in dozens of EU cities. Thousands of EU citizens cross the border into Free France seeking protection. President Trump authorizes the issuance of 250,000 Green Cards for EU refugees, citing labour shortage crisis in USA.

Islamists capture Cologne, declare Cologne Caliphate.

Texas submits formal request to become a Mexican state.

Sept 2018

BBC privitization fails as only 10% of IPO is purchased. City banks lose billions triggering the Media Meltdown crisis. Fox, CNN, and Verizon file simultaneous bancruptcies. Corbyn’s popularity soars.

President Trump suspends war on terror. Repeals NDAA and Patriot Acts. Returns Guantanamo to Cuba.

Oct 2018

President Trump releases unredacted Obama-era No-Fly List. Class-action suit launched against former officials.

Corbyn appoints to serve in place of the defunct Press Complaints Commission.

Polish Nationalists sack Kaliningrad. EU refuses to intervene.

Mexico rejects Texas request.

Nov 2018

Marine Le Pen groped during official visit to Germany as Euro falls to lowest value in history.

Dec 2018

Angela Merkel, backed by EU leaders, calls for immediate restoration of Monarchy in UK and wants a letter from the Queen saying she’s safe and well on her desk by Tuesday.

ECB head denies there is a crisis as inflation rate in Eurozone hits 200%. Issues first batch of €500,000 notes.

Polish and Lithuanian forces sieze NATO military equipment in Baltics. Brussels gives support, saying it will be compensation for Trump’s aggressive trade policies.

Jan 2019

Assad re-elected President of Syria. Signs trade and defence pact with Iraq and Independent Kurdistan.

UK, Russia, and USA issue joint declaration urging EU states to cease all hostilities and lay down arms within six months or face the consequences.

Turkey invades northern Syria with EU backing.

ECB denies there is a housing crisis after average prices for a three-bedroom apartment in the EU reach the psychologically important price of €1,000,000,000. IMF satisifed that the recent issuance of €1,000,000 banknotes, coupled with the continuing flow of refugees fleeing the figthing raging across the continent, will soon ease the housing crisis

Feb 2019

President Trump congratulates President Putin on the retaking of Constantinople.

German EU activist attempts to burn down Dutch parliament. Leader of the Opposition Geert Wilders implicated.

Mar 2019

ECB uses anti-terror powers to sieze Irish assets in tax row. Republic files for Article 50 withdrawal, begins exploratory talks with Corbyn on becoming a Socialist British Republic.

Apr 2019

German Tornado jets launch sneak attack during French Air-Defence Workers Srike and bomb the French end of the Channel Tunnel citing security concerns.

May 2019

Jeremy Corbyn delivers historic speech from Folkstone. Gives Chancellor Merkel three days to withdraw all EU forces from France, Syria, Ukraine, and Kaliningrad.

Strasburg targetted by EU artillery fire for 40 nights in a row.

June 2019

Presidents Trump, Putin, and Corbyn hold summit in Yalta. Issue joint statement demanding unconditional surrender from EU.

Loaf of bread trades in Hamburg auction for record €1,000,000,000,000.

July 2019

Hottest summer on record. Crops fail. Scientist discovers genetic mutation in crops caused by Round-Up made them more susceptible to heat. Hackers release Monsanto files proving cover-up as famine feared in Europe.

BBC assets sold at auction. Charter formally revoked by Pres Corbyn. move in to their new headquarters, one of the most modern and energy efficient buildings in London, on the redeveloped ruins of BBC House.

August 2019

Russian forces launch rolling operations to deliver food aid to Eastern Europe against strong enemy resistance. German Commissioner orders remaining members of EU to initiate military call up.

President Trump offers Russia “all assitance”. Anglo-American forces land at Normandy and join French to guard against further EU aggression in the West.

Dutch court sentances Wilders to thirty years for murder, sedition, and cooperation with enemy forces.

Suspected German cyber attack on British Queen’s life support.

Sept 2019

Switzerland issues formal protest after repeated German border violations. EU imposes sanctions on Switzerland in retaliation.

Serbian forces take Pristina, occupy Kosovo.

Britain holds three days of mourning for Queen Elizabeth. Parliament passes Restoration of Democracy Act abolishing Royal Family.

Chancellor Merkel gives radio address promising that secret new weapons currently under development will bring an EU victory.

Oct 2019

Catastrophic losses for EU defence force in Baltics as sudden freeze sees temperatures plummet to the minus 30s. EU climate commisioner denies global warming involved and suggests Russian involvement.

Central European states call for Allied assistance.

International Arrest warrant issued for former Prince Charles.

Nov 2019

UK cuts off EU access to the Internet.

Depopulation of Canada complete.

Dec 2019

ECB relocate their precious printing presses as American forces enter Frankfurt AM. Heavy fighting around financial district.

Jan 2020

Several German states secede. Russian troops surround Berlin.

Feb 2020

Lviv surrenders after popular uprising against fascist forces. Local people join Russian units in victory parade.

Mar 2020

Former President Obama killed by homophobe.

April 2020

Brussels falls. Berlaymont building destroyed, European Commission Headquarters left to burn as thousands take to the streets in celebration. Dozens of EU officials commit suicide.

May 2020

Russia orchestra performs concert in the ruins of Berlin.

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