Facebook Mediation Plan

How do you like the new “features” facebook are planning?

Before posting pictures you might be asked “Are you sure you want your boss and your mother to see this?”. The ultimate goal, apparantly, is for facebook to, in their own words, “mediate your relationships”.

So Zuckerberg thinks that before we speak our minds he is going to give us a moral lecture on behaviour, threaten our mothers, threaten our jobs – if the prick hasn’t called up Obama and insisted he offshore them all that is – and then try to tell us what we should and should not say to our own friends and family.

Let me tell you about my mother….

For a less drastic solution, on this page we show you how to block facebook from your home computer network entirely.

If Zuckerberg doesn’t like you telling your family that you’ve blacklisted and banned facebook, that’s not really any of his business is it? Well, not anymore. Another advantage of the blocking system we use is that it stops facebook from tracking you. So what you say, which websites you visit, and your relationship with your mother does indeed, once again, become none of facebook’s business.

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