#FalseFlagGirl Hashtag

The False Flag Girl is a particularly cruel conspiracy theory (or troll depending on one’s perspective on these things) involving as it does real images of distraught people. Not every body is affected though.

To be a victim of the false flag girl conspiracy you have to be a young woman, preferably between the ages of 15-25, and you have to long hair. You also have to be photographed at the scene of a breaking-news tragedy.

Mainstream conspiracy theory holds that the false flag girl is the same person. An actress. Paid to act the part of a distraught victim of evil doers. Ever-present at the scene of hoax terror attacks, active shooters, school bombings, mass stabbings, and natural disasters (that are said to be not as natural as we are told).

We think this is bollocks and that they are all different girls. But we do find the idea of one girl being caught up in every disaster that ever happens most appealing. That such terrible things could all happen to the same person over and over again like a nightmarish version of Groundhog Day.

Thus has evolved the False Flag Girl Game.

To play the game you need to understand search terms, how to construct them and use them effectively. Then everytime there is a tragedy breaking in the news, particularly one involving guns and/or explosives, search social media for pictures from the scene and see if you can be the first to spot her.

Post your findings to #FalseFlagGirl

Check out the hashtag during the next televised atrocity and we’ll be seeing you there!

The related hashtag #FakeLivesMatter is worth a visit too.


If you do not see properly formatted tweets with embeded images below, your browser is probably configured to block trackers and is blocking twitter as a false-positive. If all you see is text, click on the “date” links and they will take you to the original tweet.

And of course…

Pretty cruel, eh?

Editor’s Note: The word “FalseFlagGirl” is a code-word. To some it means “there’s another govt conspiracy taking place”, to others it means, “double standards are in action“.

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