Flag Sport

Since the urban dictionary now paradoxically requires one to obtain corporate sponsorship before one may submit a definition we will keep ours here from now on.

Flag Sport, noun

A Flag Sport is any sport, professional or amateur, played under the auspices of one or more national flags. This includes both domestic national leagues and international competitions. Considered, particularly in the latter case, to promote nationalism, border walls, and other trans-national social division, the passions invoked by Flag Sports can often be of such intensity that players and spectators have to be physically separated from each other by fences and walls just like the borders represented by the flag(s) the game is being played under. As opposed to local and regional sports where players and spectators alike go for a beer together afterwards to discuss the match.

This is not to be confused with sports that involve use of a flag, such as Flag Football. This definition is thus provided for disambiguation between “Flag Sports”, those played under a flag, and “sport that is played with a flag”. An international competition of Flag Football would fall under both definitions.

Example Usage

Tom: “Do you want to come over and watch the Olympics on TV?
Jerry: “No thanks, I am opposed to Flag Sports

SJW: “What do you mean you want the USA to win the World Cup in Moscow? Flag Sports are literally Hitler!

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