French force google to ‘fess up

Your so-called ‘friends’ over at google have been busted again, adding their latest privacy violations to a growing list of US dotcoms whose crimes and unsavoury practices have bought sanction and fines from increasingly assertive European courts. Briefly, all too briefly, google was required to draw attention to its conviction on its homepage, alas only to viewers under the juridisction of French courts.

google fined in France

You can read the translated text and background at The Hacker News by clicking the image.

A similar sight, although one of google’s own volition, was this piece of propaganda google was waving around during the opening of the Sochi Olympics:

google sochi propaganda

Google apologists may of course deny that this message from google has anything to do with Russia banning gay competitors from the Olympics, and they’d be right. Russia hasn’t forbidden gays from competing. But you wouldn’t know that if you get your information from the corporate media or google.

It puts one in mind of the “Saddam is in league with Al Qaeda” bullshit from a decade ago. No official actually ever said he was, but enough insinuations were made to convince a large majority that he was. And we all know how that turned out.


Friends are nice to have, but not everybody who says they are your friend is telling you the truth. Friends don’t lie to you. Friends don’t rifle through your mail to see what you’ve been up to. Friends don’t peer over your shoulder whenever you are reading something. Friends don’t secretly keep bulging dossiers documenting your every move.

Google is not your friend.

If you need a search engine there are alternatives. You could use this one: It doesn’t steal your data or bombard you with corporate-state propaganda, and it’s free.

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