Hating on Refugees – Jo Cox Update

Update 2016

In January of this year we exposed the “Refugees Welcome” propaganda for what it was: A plan to rally public support for a NATO-supported US invasion of Syria. A plan in which refugees would be “better off” if they were in Turkish-run camps closer to their destroyed homes. A plan that was predicated on 24/7 coverage of large chaotic crowds of the dispossed inflaming Europe’s openly right-wing together with the more numerous closet xenophobes across the continent.

A plan that was ultimately foiled by the unforeseen intervention of what is universally referred to as “Vladimir Putin’s Russia”.

A plan that for one on-board UK Parliamentarian backfired when one of the right-wingnuts she was baiting got so inflamed that he shot her.

In her memory £1,000,000 has already been raised, much of which will be paid into the Swiss bank account of Al-qaeda affiliates in Syria, the so-called “White Helmets”.

What follows is our original shout-out, published on Jan 19th, 2016.

Original Text

The original plan was to send them back this year. Technically, it’s the second plan. When the refugee flow was initially out of the choas of post-Gadaffi Lybia in early 2015 the EU/NATO plan was the simple if brutal, “ram their boats and dump the survivors back in Africa then bombard the coastline to drive the bastards inland“. Or words to that effect, as leaked by wikileaks.

That plan had been premissed on there being 30k refugees per month and was itself blown out of the water when Merkel and Erdogan conspired to open the floodgates across the Aegean last Summer.

That didn’t go as planned either. The extra million allowed to flow, more or less unchecked, into – where else – crisis-striken Greece were to be used to generate public support for a so-called “no-fly zone” over Syria. Essentially premissed upon European people not wanting them, it was marketed under the “Refugees Welcome” banner, Colour-Revolution-style.

The long-sought after no-fly zone would of course be merely a prelude to what it was always intended to be: A ground invasion and occupation. If not of the entire country, then at least in that “buffer zone” south of the Turkish border that will give Ankara freedom-of-action and the oil fields. Into which the refugees would have been quietly returned, on the ‘legal’ grounds that the NATO presence now makes it ‘safe’ for them to return, there to spend the rest of eternity in Turkish-run camps Palestinian-style.

The Third Wave

Just as football fans were used to declare that refugees were most welcome last summer, it is now women’s groups that are being used to stir up the hatred necessary to drive them out. Specifically, third wave feminists are being whipped up into their charateristic frenzy. Until there’s blood coming out of their eyes, their whatever, as candidate Trump might unwisely remark.

If there’s one thing, perhaps the only thing, that third-wave feminists are good at, it is whipping up hatred against a target minority group. Particularly with the compliant media they have at their disposal. With the currently targetted minority being dispossed and impoverished muslims of Arab origin, Syrians no less, the task of the third wave has been made that much easier. And they will have legions of armchair-based white knights guarding their flanks for sure.

Their counterparts in the USA were recently able to force Obama himself to make a public statement about the legendary “poop swastika” that they most likely faked in the first place, along with the hilarious spectacle of their acting professor of media relations assaulting a journalist for trying to report on their (presumably private) protests. So one must never underestimate the power of hatred.

Accordingly, we have all the recent propaganda targetting now unwelcome refugees, who are exclusively adult males apparantly, absent any context. Beginning midnight on New Years. In Germany, of course, and escalating rapidly across Northern Europe in the weeks that followed.

Some public bars in Denmark, for example, now require patrons to slur what could be called a “white man’s” language before they are permitted entry. An anti-muslim measure that appears, on the surface of it, to make no sense whatsoever. As if they had announced a ban on the sale of prophylactics to practising catholics, it fills one with bemusement at the mentality – often self-defeating – of the modern day racist.

Questioning the Propaganda

Have drunken new year’s revellers ever committed street crime in the past, the context-bereft news consumer may well ask. Why do police and emergency services have increased budgets over New Years, one might muse. But these are neither questions to be asked nor musings to ponder. At least not until every last refugee, those with poster-child media-friendly feel-good stories excepted, has been shipped back to the Turkish camps from whence they came.

With the EU, naturally, footing the €3bn bill that Erdogan claims Turkey will incur, an unknown amount of which will be as equally naturally skimmed from the top by his own kith and kin.

Merkel’s Legacy

The cost to the EU will be somewhat higher than mere cash, with Merkel having done more damage to it than the UK’s upper-class twits in Parliament could ever dream of doing.

She started to slip when it was revealed that Obama had been spying on her private mobile phone. Although we are yet to learn what he found on there. Then, this time last year, we had the appalling spectacle of Merkel linking arms with a bunch of mass-murderers in Paris and apparantly singing “We Shall Overcome” with them after a bunch of third-rate racist cartoonists got themselves whacked.

Her attempt to use the refugee crisis, involving the use of even more propaganda than the Paris stunt, was doomed to fail and led only to Russia’s entry into the conflict. A change of facts on the ground, or at least in the air, that eliminated any further possibility of a NATO-run no-fly-zone over Syria. Let alone an occupation.

So now another reason has to be found to deport perhaps a million people and what better than that they might be misogynists? Maybe there’s a stinking homophobe amongst them too.

Merkel’s legacy to Europe, should it survive her leadership, is what many Europeans know to have happened already: Schengen Kaput. One of the key pillars of the EU without which the union is considerably weakened. Danke viel mal.

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