Hillary’s Health

hillary clinton zombie

She’s been sick in the head for many, many years – has it now affected her body?

We’ve been following the hashtags about her for some time.


After she collapsed at the Sept 11th memorial we decided to invent the technique of Open-Source Diagnosis (OSDIG) to find out what’s really wrong with her.


We used public-source information, observation of her antics, known details about her lifestyle, work, and family history, and we got a diagnosis online using artificial-intelligence (AI) Expert Systems.

Click on the link below to see what we found. It’s not pneumonia folks.

Hillary’s Health Report

Doctor’s Recommendations

Nut consumption.

hillary clintons nut consumption

Bill, do your thing.

Payment Terms

If you appreciate our effort, send us some BitCoin please. This stuff takes time, and every little helps.


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