In Death He Has A Name

In death a member of Anonymous has a name. His name is….James Daniel McIntyre.

We are constantly updating this page as the events surrounding and arising from the police shooting of an anonymous protestor in Canada unfold.

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Shot Dead by a White Cop
A mask-wearing member of Anonymous, protesting the proposed construction of a multi-billion dollar dam in Dawson Creek, British Columbia, was shot dead by Canadian Police on Thursday in a case that was described by police officials as one of, wait for it, “mistaken identity“.

The Anon, a First Nation Canadian who shall remain anonymous until his family have been informed, becomes the fourth member of the group to be killed. A global effort against Canada’s iconic Mounties has been declared until the shooter is “identified, fired, and charged with murder“.

Anonymous worldwide are vowing to remove the Mounties, known officially as RCMP, “from cyberspace“.

The suspect the police were called to apprehend had already left the scene before the cops arrived, and thus remains himself anonymous for altogether different reasons. With some speculating, with perhaps good reason, that he was nothing more than an agent provocateur sent in to give the police an excuse to arrive with their guns blazing in the manner of their trigger-happy cowboy colleagues south of the border.

We will be following the action here with the #AnonDown hashtag, and posting informational updates and clarifiers below.

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Live Twitter Feed

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July 20, 2015 14:00 CET
Secret documents stolen from RCMP?

July 20, 2015 20:00 CET
Anonymous Operation Anon Down Communique.
Civil war between @OpAnonDown and @OpAnonDown2015 described as “normal behaviour”. Best to follow both accounts. Fall-out and collatoral damage from the internal conflict can be seen on this very page by the absence of some twitter css-styles, lost in the API of deleted tweets.

July 21, 2015 14:00 CET
The in-fighting has more or less died down. The disagreement, and such disagreements are to be expected within leaderless resistance movements, was over revenge or justice, with justice being chosen over violence. Which is the kind of ad-hoc choice that distinguishes anonymous from the mobs, such as those seen on colour-coded “revolutions” for example.

July 22, 2015 08:00 CET
Monday 27th has become a sort of de-facto deadline. A heavily redacted document – presumably one of those referenced in the deleted tweet of July 20th (see above) – has been released. It tantalizes with hints of Snowden and large sums of money. Legal action against the shooter, if not the the RCMP, is being demanded by Monday to prevent further leaks. (Monday is also the deadline for the anti-sleaze hackers The Impact Team in an unreleated case – see below).

anondown leak

Additionally, we know the shooter’s name.

July 23, 2015 06:00 CET
Tango Down
Hacked websites and a physical manifestation planned in Dawson’s Creek for today.
Cyberattack deals crippling blow to Canadian government websites
sites remain offline

July 23, 2015 18:00 CET
Tango Down
Canada’s Public Service Labour Relations and Employment Board
Hacked. Servers not responding at the time of writing. Six thousand email addresses dumped to pastebin.

Public Service Labour Relations and Employment Board Hacked

More to come….

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Anonymous AnonDown Press Release Video

Anon’s twitter profile believed to be @jaymack9.

Anonymous Operation Anon Down
OpAnonDown Facebook Page
The Pork Report
Independent Investigations Office
The Cryptosphere – #Anonymous Responds to #RCMP Shooting of Their Own
#AnonDown | We are Anonymous and this is

His name is James Daniel McIntyre.

In Other News

Unrelated to the above operations, another sleazy commercial website got hacked by a group calling itself “The Impact Team” who are allegedly blackmailing the offending sites to shut down or else.

impact team

The “or else” in this case being the threatened release of intimate details, with pictures and videos and personally identifying annotations, from the formerly private lives of up to 37million Internet pervs.

Update Aug 18th

Ashley Madison data dumped on dark net. We’re currently downloading.

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