Iraq MDW Finally Found

Saddam’s infamous mass destruction weapons, sought after so long and hard by the courageus Bush adminstration, have finally “been found” according to a secret State Dept talking points memo: They are called ISIS.

According to the memo, which may only be seen by compliant members of the main stream media with a proven track record of staying on-message, Saddam set up ISIS. They are his MDW.

This govt-backed conspiracry theory, currently doing the rounds in both main-stream and allegedly “alternative” media comes in two varieties.

In the “hard” versions, Saddam purposefully created ISIS as a means of revenge, similar to the plans of his biological father, Adolf Hitler’s “Werwolf” organistion, that never got off the ground. The eight-year delay apparantly built-in to their activation plan is not touched upon. Possibly because it spoilts the entire idea by making it appear ludicrous.

Thus the need for balance, with softer versions of the same theme.

In the “soft” versions, ISIS are depicted as a kind of unpredictable and essentially “unintended” consequence. The US post-invasion mass-dismissal of Iraq’s military and intelligence aparatus, so the soft conspiracy goes, led to thousands of military-skilled former Saddam-trained terrorists, having “no other choice” than to forge their own terrorist state.

While the hard-soft debate rages online, largely focusing on a pre-election blame-game between Republicans and Democrats about whose president was the least worst, fascist Saudi Arabia has quietly slipped around 5,000 of these human-MDW into Yemen, presumably using an air-corridor through the US anti-isis bombing campaign.

As a consequence this month’s bloodthirsty snuff movies are coming from Yemen.

You can find them on YouTube easily enough, and remember you are supposed to watch them. The trauma you experience when you watch someone getting their throat cut or their brains blown all over the camera lens by shotgun fire is, besides a little bit of entertainment in an otherwise dull working day, meant to reinforce the notions underpinning both the hard and soft theories:

That the west is in no way responsible for this chaos.

Back to work.

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