Have you heard of “ISIS chan“?

It seems everybody is writing about #ISISchan now. They maybe missed last January when the Japanese public responded to threats to behead two of their countrymen with derison. We documented that in our article Laughing Their Heads Off.

In this article we give a brief overview of where ISISchan fits in amongst other efforts to disrupt ISIS online. To find out what ISISchan is, we’ve included a live uncensored feed below direct from the Twitter API.

ISISchan was created by a Japanese version of 4chan. About a year ago they set it up with the intention of disrupting ISIS communication channels. ISIS are experts at using social media and Internet, with perhaps only the USA, Iran, and Russia being anywhere near able to counter them, but those three pull in different directions.

The Iranian campaign is technically competant but unsophisticated. Sometimes they will eliminate an ISIS hashtag simply by mass spamming it. Their message is mostly that Sunnis should if not convert to Shi’ism, at least learn to live with it.

Russia, meanwhile, aims it’s campaign more at the Chechens, letting them know what is in store for them if they even think about returning to Russia. Blunt, but effective. Like many things Russian.

The American campaign is the best of the government ones, as you’d expect. But it could be viewed as much as a recruitment campaign as a deterrent. As one also might suspect. Is is also said to be in disarray. Like many things American.

French and Belgium efforts have been pathetic, resulting only in the French being made fools of (their hashtag campaign in February was totally taken over by ISIS within a week).

The Belgian effort last week only resulted in a bunch of Syrian cats getting their heads cut off and some very upset Belgians (among others) who saw them. In order that the public be denied the opportunity to see what it is like when armed police backed up by the military go door-to-door in a European capital, police advised Brussels residents to post pictures of cats to the Internet instead. This they did, and the response from ISIS was all too predictable. As we like cats we’re not going to give the hashtag.

Neither will we show the photos that ISIS tweet of themseleves strangling and breaking the necks of “enemy” babies. Which they “justify” by posting pictures of muslim babies (as if a baby can have a religion) killed by Buddhists in Burma.

This war is a particularly nasty one, of a nature not seen since the 1940s.

Enter the Japanese

ISISchan are so much more effective. They made rules similar to the “Crappy Collage”: No use of the Koran or Islam, respect for the victims and no insults to ISIS. No porn, no gore.

They crowd-created an anime character which they use as their logo. They screen-shot ISIS pictures, add the anime in various poses, then repost them under the same hashtags and keywords.

They have set up accounts on all the social media platforms, and they use the ad-revenue they generate to advertise themselves. All over Asia and Africa billboards are going up with the anime logo and the ISISchan hashtag. People hand out leaflets with it on in Saudi Arabia. Entire streets have been painted with it in Japan.

None of this is true, of course. It’s all photoshopped, frequently with great skill.

The purpose? To google-bomb ISIS. Everything ISISchan post online has the latest ISIS hashtags and keywords attached to it, as does all their printed material and graffiti. So when anybody tries to search for any ISIS material, they are getting ISIS chan mockery instead.

It’s genius.

Miles ahead of anything any of the governments have come up with, and a good example of the application of deliberate data-pollution.

ISIS Chan Home Page on Tumblr

The Japanese are way ahead, for the second time this year.

Here’s a flyer you can print out or photoshop into images yourself. Don’t forget to use the hashtags when you post it.

isischan flyer

The ISISchan Hashtag

Live and uncensored.

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