Laughing Their Heads Off, Japanese Photoshop Challenge

Japanese respond to ISIS beheading threats with a Photoshop Challenge

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Japanese tweeters have responded to the threat of terrorism by mocking the threat with a twitter-based photoshop “ISIS Crappy Collage Grand Prix”.

japan grand prix photoshop challange isis
Two Japanese men, Kenji Goto and Haruna Yukawa, were recently shown in a video in the all-too-familiar orange jumpsuits, accompanied by a demand that Japan pay two-hundred million dollars ransom. One-hundred million each. Or the two men will have their heads chopped-off with a knife.

In the video, the beheader known as “Jihad John” waves his knife about and tells the Japanese people that they must pressure their government to pay-up within 72 hours, otherwise “this knife will become your nightmare“.

It appears as though he underestimated the Japanese.

The response was a derisive mockery from tens of thousands of Japanese individuals photoshopping screencaps from the video. We are streaming the challenge below as a real-time feed direct and uncensored from the Twitter API.

In a world gone mad they are literally laughing their heads off.


Islamophobia in the above timeline is noteable only for its complete absence. Making a refreshing change from the crude caricatures wielded by the reactionary mobs roaming Europe’s streets, egged-on by their puppet politicians.


Back in his old job, Jihad John asks, do you want fries with that? Back in his old job, Jihad John asks, do you want fries with that?
japan isis crappy collage weatherman japan isis crappy collage weatherman
jiahdi johns head cut off jiahdi johns head cut off


Since 25th January ISIS have been posting their threats directly to the hashtag (along with sadistically emailing them to their victim’s wife and mother). Attempts to disrupt the channel with pro-isis robo-spam were quickly thwarted by Twitter’s anti-spam protections.

On Tuesday 27th ISIS – just like Obama – updated their kill list. A captured Jordanian fighter pilot has now been added to their ever-changing demands. This information they tweeted to the hashtag, along with their own photoshops clearly intended as a response to Japanese scorn.

The deadline is now set to 24 hours. #ISISクソコラグランプリ continues unabated and becomes a globally trending hashtag.

Six months of NATO bombing hasn’t acheived much. Six day’s of Japanese mockery has got their attention.

Wednesday: Deadline extended. A week or so ago ISIS announced that they had changed their time zone to be ‘Raqqaa Time’. This has caused some confusion, particulary as ISIS banned the wearing of watches some months ago.

It is forbidden to use mechanical means to mark the passage of time in the Islamic State, punishable by being run over by a car (for a first offence).

Accordingly deadlines are now issued relative to the position of the sun over Raqqaa: They have given until ‘sundown’, presumably adding music to the announcement for dramatic effect. That’s about tea-time in Europe.

Thursday: Deadlines come and go. The mockery on Twitter has developed into something of an ad-hoc dialogue of sorts with ISIS, with known ISIS accounts tweeting that hostage Kanji Goto “is fine”. There has been no ‘official’ word for almost a quarter of a moon now.

Currently there is no known deadline, and the ubiquitous ‘terrorist chatter’ suggest a prisoner-exchange may occur.

Final Update
On Saturday 31st, in a “Message to the Government of Japan”, ISIS posted a final video-nasty purporting to show the murder of the remaining hostage.

ISIS made the announcement by tweeting it to the “ISIS Crappy Collage Grand Prix” hashtag.

a message to the government of japan

This they followed-up by spamming hundreds of screenshots and video-clips of the war-crime to the same hashtag, copying-in for good measure the French government’s ill-advised #StopDjihadisme and a range of Japanese-related tags to ensure maximum exposure.

There used to be a time when governments could control the dialog between warring parties. Not any more.

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