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We would usually review an entire website, but the ad-supported page we found this weekend is worthy of a mention (and a nofollow directive in the backlink) all by itself. We don’t want to give too much away about it, because it’s one of the funniest we’ve read in ages. Every paragraph had us splitting our sides with displays of such astonishing hate-fuelled ignorance that rather than be offended we could only laugh out loud. In some sections the laughs pile-up sentance-after-sentance until you can’t continue reading anymore.

The gist of the article is that pregnancy and birth is harmful and dehumanising. This conclusion having been reached after the website’s shock discovery that sex is, “the surest way to cause pregnancy“. Even more bizarre, it is neither a religious nor a satirical site and the authors appear to endorse the cretinous views expressed therein (we hope we are wrong about this). We presume them to mean that having babies is dehumanising to the mother alone, since for baby it is the opposite, although granted ‘enhumanising’ is not a word in common usage. Google gives four hits for it, making the word anathema to SEO-obsessed webmasters and webmistresses who, like the site we’re discussing here, are utterly dependent on google for their existance.

The page, probably the entire site, illustrates just how fucked up – and I use that expression deliberately as you will see – Western society has become. To some privileged westerners, sitting under energy-efficient light-bulbs in front of the 750W PC they type drivel into, the very act of being conceived has become, in their own ill-chosen word “unnatural”. We kid you not.

The site also has a link to a page that has pretentions to offer advice for aspiring writers. Our advice is to not visit that one. On that note, put your ad-blockers on, make sure you haven’t got your mouth full, and visit our chosen Webpage of the Week, PIV is always rape, ok?.


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