Website Review: LinkedIn

Endorsement Complaints


In LinkedIn’s burgeoning customer complaints section, marketed as a “help forum”, one also learns that LinkedIn sends out unsolicited commercial emails (spam) grovelling for endorsements from your contacts and mailed in your name. Don would approve. I’ve not actually seen such mail, but given the large number of complaints it appears pretty common. When you send mail in somebody else’s name without their knowledge isn’t that called forgery? This practice has now been replaced, we understand, yet the grovelling continues with pop-up panels.

Endorsements, the purpose of all the grovelling, are another token ego-boosting product on offer of value only to those who send and receive them. If this were fb or any other social media platform for the hoi-polloi it would be called a ‘like’, but in the lofty managerial realm of LinkedIn professionals one does not register a mere like, one gives one’s toffee-nosed endorsement. Every time you get one of these endorsements, no matter where it comes from, how insincere, or how much it has cost you, it is the psychological equivalent of your mother taking you into her bosom, stroking your hair and reassuring you, “there, there, it’s all better now”. Endorsements therefore are very popular on LinkedIn and highly sought after. You can endorse any individual for any reason (and of course you can get back at people by withholding your endorsements).

While linked in provide you with ample opportunities to diss colleagues you don’t like, they have a range of forums dedicated for it and you may even be Deputized on Sheriff Don P’s authority to participate, any speech that deviates from narrow-minded neo-capitialist orthodoxy will be quickly suppressed. Step out of line and you will be threatened with never being able to work again. Naturally there is no opportunity to flag bad employers. In the happy-clappy world of LinkedIn there is no need for such a feature because to the petite bourgeois therein, there is no such thing as a bad employer.

Let us be honest in our assessment; LinkedIn has nothing to do with professionalism, generating business, or finding work. It’s an upmarket social network and advertising platform, targeting for massage the fragile egos of a niche-market of middling office workers; playing on their fears, it provides commercial opportunities for their further exploitation by charlatan career coaches, fraudulent pay-to-pass “certifications”, consultants who get their solutions from google-searches, ponzi-schemers, constant bombardment with right-wing op-eds from mainstream pro-business publications, shockingly ill-thought out advice from self-proclaimed and irresponsible “thought leaders”, and all manner of sharp-practicing money-grabbing industry parasites with $$$-signs lighting up in their eyes every time a new mark creates an account.

In sum, I found it a somewhat offensive, nay awful site with a large percentage of insincere users and business confidence tricksters. i.e. no different to any other banal social site that one chooses to avoid. There are some decent, albeit deceived, individuals on there and I met up with a few former colleagues. All I learned from it though is that there are better ways to find work than simply asking your former coworkers if they know of any jobs going, and I learned that Don P got 35 likes for his bullshit article promoting mob “justice”.

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