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LinkedIn is a successful IT company in Silicon Valley which claims to have hundreds of millions of users (not withstanding the orders-of-magnitude discrepancy mentioned above). In Mountain View CA, where LinkedIn has it’s HQ, a corporate entity operates under a gossamer system of laws that only ever manifest themselves when a candidate for political office claims they will be enforced if you vote for him or her. The Californian courts are too busy protecting failed banks from the righteous demands of impoverished former customers who’d like to get some of their money back. The cops are tied up with more pressing problems such as beating up black men, jailing pot-smokers, cracking open the heads of the unemployed, or burning their own former colleagues alive in publicly broadcast police lynchings LAPD-style. Laws don’t get applied in California when corporate profitability might be affected so what chance of being enforced do a job-seeker’s rights have?

If Californians want to live in such a society that’s their business, and bombing them into regime change would be wrong, in my opinion. They should be left alone to suffer the consequences of their own choices. I do find it troubling however that such corporate lawlessness is permitted to spread into Europe. Europe does not allow you to exploit job seekers by charging them money to look for work, and Europeans have more than enough horrors in their past that they should know better than to condone, for want of a better description, this assault on the right to work . But alas, the emotional attachment that the well-connected users of LinkedIn are encouraged to form with their precious profiles precludes any possibility of action. Thus, many of them will continue to breach the security of their own and their employers IT systems, breach their employment contracts, bitch about colleagues they don’t like working with, be cavalier with the privacy of their clients’ data, continue to be swindled out of their money, and still call themselves “professionals”.

If the low-hanging fruit of LinkedIn represent our brightest and best then it is no wonder that the economy is collapsing and there is no hope of an economic recovery. Ever.

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Review of LinkedIn

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