MH17 vs KAL007

The comparision is being touted about by Western propagandists from Obama, ostensibily at the top, all the way down through the twittering masses to the ludicrous upper-class twit British PM David Cameron at the bottom.

Without bringing up any other passenger airlines that were shot down, and there weren’t many, we leave readers to look that up for themselves. Before you do, try to guess who shot them down? Instead we will do a brief analysis of the obvious insinuation that Russia has ‘got form’, to use the equally ridiculous John Majorism, in order to draw attention to gaping holes in the credibility of certain former Soviet states.

Starting with the fact that it was not the Russian Federation that shot down KAL007 it was the Soviet Union. As an equal member of the CCCP, Ukraine bears as much responsibity for the shooting down of KAL007 as Russia. When it comes to modern Russia and modern Ukraine one of them does indeed ‘have form’ for shooting down a civilian air-liner and one of them does not. Refer to the above paragraph to find out which.

What is it about NATO-aspirant former Soviet Republics and their blaming all thier ills solely on Russia? Ukraine had 23 years to develop the real estate and tourism gold-mine of Crimea and what did they achieve? Similarly for Georgia that only has a body-count to show for it’s efforts in Abkhazia, and how has the region fared since the 2008 conflict? Abkhazia has seen an end to violence at long last and sustained economic growth, while former Georgian warlord Mikheil Saakashvili (left) is comtemplating being fed a long prision sentence on a diet of water and neckties.

They love to play the victim of Russia don’t they? Almost as if they had been occupied as opposed to participants in anything Soviet. In their historical victimhood neither Ukraine nor Georgia can be held in anyway responsible for any of the activities or crimes of the former Soviet Union.

Expcept for two things. Ukraine is prepared to accept that when Kruschev, a Ukrainian leading the USSR, put large parts of Southern Russia under Kiev adminstration he was acting fully within international law and the decision stands. Similarly with Saakashvili’s Georgia, graciously prepared to concede that when Josef Stalin, a Georgian leading the USSR, put parts of Southern Russia under Tiblisi jurisdiction he was acting according to humanitarian principles. The decision stands.

All other decisions of the Soviet Union are null and void.

Signed, the NATO Puppet Show.

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