NATO Party Down in Welsh Wales

Sitting up down in Welsh Wales, in comfy chairs and only smoking big-cigars off-camera, are the NATO elites. They love their summits. The symbiotic relationship they have with the fawning media lackies agog with the privilege of NATO press-passes, ensures that every occassion will have them the centre of attention. The 9,000 coppers keeping people well-away from them consigned to lurk in the media background.

They brag about it, or rather their presence, being “the most important NATO summit in decades”. Which technically it is, but only by virtue of the growing list of conflicts initiated by NATO and/or NATO members that are currently spiralling out of control, spanning continents, and threatening millions. Meanwhile most of the world is wondering what is going to become of these conflicts, caused, cheered-on, or initated by the NATO organisation currently basking in the media sunlight as Masters of the World. Muddled-thinking relics of the cold-war washed up in five-star hotels that make their old Soviet counterparts seem comfortably reassuring and as equally incapable of providing any solution, other than disbandment.

Afghanistan, for example, is approaching its fourteenth year of Western occupation under a revolving series of organisational banners, without an end in sight an no progress reported since November 2001. A ‘success story’ according to NATO.

Another declared success which has bought new meaning to the words “mission accomplished”, Iraq, is coming up for it’s third, maybe fourth western invasion and bombing campaign in a conflict that has had a more-or-less “on-going” status since August 1990, no matter who runs the country. This time, like the first time, NATO is going to arm the Kurds in order that they can massacre NATO-led jihadis that have fled the NATO-led war in neighbouring Syria. NATO are visibly exicited about this prospect and will not entertain any questions about how successful in bringing peace to northern Iraq they were the last time they tried this plan, 23 war-torn years ago.

As for plans, in Syria that’s all NATO has got left to play with. Even Commander-in-Chief Obama freely admits to having no strategy. But he has a plan. What is the plan? He is going to order the military to bomb each side in the Syria conflict on alternate days. It’s called the Odd/Even Plan. On odd numbered days they bomb one side, on even numbered days they bomb the other. In Professor Obama’s calculus this plan will leave each side evenly matched and the war between them can continue. The strategy of keeping the war going for as long as possible seems to present itself as a candidate for Obama to mull.

Such bombing will be an act of agressive war against a soviereign state that will weaken Syria’s defence forces, strengthen ISIS, and lead to a quicker ISIS victory. They will be in Greece by October, according to NATO’s fuel-pump attendant, Beheader-in-Chief King Whathisname of Saudi Arabia.

Closer to home is Novorossia where a thoroughly incompetent NATO-installed Kiev Junta has recently suffered a series of spectuclar military defeats after engaging on what is become increasingly clear to be an ethnic cleansing campaign. Outclassed on the battlefield by small groups of highly mobile volunteers who very evidently do have a strategy, Ukraine’s retreat is leaving behind some troubling imagery.

Liberating armies that are protecting civilians from terrorist attacks, as the NATO-Approved Kiev line goes, do not leave behind empty towns and bodies left to rot where they fell to be found months later. That’s what savages and nazis do. And now NATO proxies have been given the green light. Naturally, any member of the elite press that dares compare NATO’s invovlement in ethnic cleansing in Donbas, to the sexually-repressed themes applied to Gadhaffi’s mythical ethnic cleansing in Benghazi, will be shown a couple of recently-released ISIS video-nasties for to ponder. That could happen to them.

Needless to say, Putin is to blame for all of this. Everything. He is another dangerous man with a strategy. This scares NATO. Combined with precisely executed plans, this puts Putin ahead of the curve in NATO’s final analysis. With ISIS and Ukraine, NATO are and have been encouraging and facilitating anything genocidal nazi ethnic cleansers and dead-body-eating throat-cutting psychopaths care to do. Devoid of any imagination, this they now lamely accuse Putin of doing in Ukraine without the slightest bit of evidence to back it up other than a couple of ‘deleted tweets’ and a screenshot from a video game. And whatever happened to those black boxes from MH17 that were going to prove Putin’s role in that disaster? All forgotten now. The message “Putin did it” has been bludgeoned into Western minds by incessent repetition through every possible media outlet, and there it shall remain.

Whenever the presence of Western volunteers in ISIS is made, sometimes brutally, public, NATO states are very quick to remind us that it’s ‘almost impossible’ for them to prevent their citizens from volunteering for foriegn wars (omitting any mention of help and encouragement). Putin, on the other hand, they accuse of complicity and invasion because he fails to prevent citizens from volunteering for foriegn wars. That the volunteers defending Donbas cannot even be compared with their cannibalistic ‘counterparts’ in ISIS, doesn’t factor into NATO’s equation.

Nevertheless, after dinner, NATO will agree to announce that ISIS is not their fault in any way. They will likely blame ISIS on Assad and thus, ultimately, Putin created ISIS.

Meanwhile, as NATO delegates tuck-in to the second-course, those Novorossia volunteers – many of whom are from NATO states – are reported to be liberating Mariupol and inflicting yet another humiliating defeat on yet another increasingly desperate NATO proxy. But they won’t let that spoil their champagne down in Welsh Wales. Neither will they ever get around to discussing the fate of the world which evidently once again hangs in the balance.

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