New Post Planned

We haven’t been posting much recently – busy tying up some professional loose ends elsewhere. We plan to update in May.

Meanwhile, here are some of the events we’ve been monitoring – but don’t expect any answers as to what it all means from us.

Saudi Arabia move 5,000 ISIS figthers from Iraq/Syria to Yemen, presumably under the noses of the Americans who are supposedly bombing them.

Iran has drawn a 40-km ISIS-total-exclusion-zone around it’s borders.

Baltimore “uprising” tweets gain 100k followers in three days.

US marines “within sight” of Donetsk Airport

Inbred upper-class pervert predicted to win UK gerneral election, regardless of how people vote.

Wave of ISIS attacks on Italy and surrounding states “imminent” and likely to be welcomed by Rome/EU as providing an excuse for military “solution” to refugee crisis.

Ozzie journalist ritually sacked, career ruined, for “going off-message”.

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